World Cancer Day

Cancer is curable... in accord with Natural and Divine Law
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„More than 1 in 3 people in
the UK will be diagnosed with some
form of cancer in their lifetime.“
Cancer Research UK and MacMillan Cancer Support

  • Is cancer really just down to bad luck? Or are there many recognised causes?
  • Is inflammation dangerous? What about micro-waved food, is that safe? Should you avoid the sun?
  • What about stress?
  • What about root canals, are they a problem? Does our food contain enough nutrition to prevent cancer?
  • What about GMO? Is that really safe?
  • Can cancer be reversed?

Find out from our experts answers to these, and many other questions. Discover for yourself how to maintain good health and prevent cancer. This vital information will be of great help to you and your loved ones. There is Hope! Nature has all the answers.What you will learn will shock and surprise you, but mostly it will give you hope.

This event is over.
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