Induction hob

Induction hob

Induction cookers

Induction hobs heat very quickly and are promoted as being energy-saving and environmentally friendly. Normally it is not mentioned that the high-frequency electromagnetic fields emitted by induction cookers, are very similar to those of a microwave oven, and are harmful to the health of adults and children – especially to unborn babies – because they resonate at the same frequency of our cells and organs and so disturb their natural vibration.

For this reason if you care about your health, do not use an induction hob.


Induction hobs are practical, energy-saving and are are replacing the conventional electric stove or gas cooker all over the world. But they have a serious drawback: the magnetic field generated by the cooking is harmful to health, which is why even the authorities counsel caution. In addition, it is suggested that by cooking with an induction stove the life energy of the cooked food is weakened or even destroyed.


Induction hobs have recently become very popular and their sales figures have rapidly increased. But compared to traditional stoves such as electric, gas or wood they have one major disadvantage: The heat required for cooking is generated by strong magnetic fields which cause damage to the health of the cook and change the internal structure of the food being cooked.