FuchsMan has been assigned responsibility of the animals. As the “pride of creation” man should act as would a good king vis-à-vis his subjects. He should look after the animals and protect them and take care of their physical and spiritual well-being. This is also why man should ensure their continual development according to their own destiny. But this development may only take place if people treat animals lovingly and respectfully.

Hunting and the unnecessary killing of animals must stop. There is no tenable scientific or ecological reason for hunting. Contrary to all assertions hunting does not contribute to the regulation of wildlife stocks. The best example of this is the fox. It has been known for a long time that fox stocks adapt to food supply. Therefore, hunting is not necessary. This finding has now started to gain more and more recognition. For example, at the beginning of 2015 the Luxembourg Ministry of the Environment decided that during one year no foxes may be shot, because there are fewer cubs in unhunted fox stocks. Nature is quite capable of regulating herself and developing a healthy balance without man having to intervene.


Birds, butterflies, crawling creatures and all the other animals are just as much a part of creation as we are. When we have learned that by harming any living being, we are doing the same to ourselves, then we will certainly not kill or cause any creature, brought forth by The Creator, to suffer any pain. We have a responsibility for all living creatures and all life in nature. This empowers us to love, to protect and to nurture, but not to abuse them for scientific experiments.