As members of The World Foundation for Natural Science we are striving to study the principles of how Nature works, to include scientific research and to put the findings gained into practice in our daily living. From this practical knowledge results a way of life in accord with Nature and her laws.

We study what makes this world, what keeps this world, and what this world needs to continue in the true Spirit by and with which it was originally founded. We know that the things of nature didn’t just happen on their own, and life draws from us just as our individual lives depend upon ALL Life, because there is a ripple effect in everything we do as human beings. “What I do affects you, and what you do affects me.” So, if the individual changes his or her way of life, life as a whole changes, too. Accordingly, we regard Nature and all her creatures with love, gratitude, appreciation and respect; and together with our members around the world we are highly committed to the restoration of Natural and Divine Order on this unique planet Earth and for the healing of man and Nature in accord with Natural and Divine law.

In our world, those who continually ask of Life, “What do you have to offer me?”, if they listen, will usually find Life echoing back, “What do you have to give?!” Think about this. We would like to invite people who would like to live a healthy and natural life and who, together with us, want to commit themselves for the good, to become a member (or even a sponsor or benefactor) of The World Foundation for Natural Science and to sign the yearly membership commitment.

Members of The World Foundation for Natural Science profit from reduced entrance fees for all our events. Sponsors receive free admission to all lectures, benefactors to all events (lectures, seminars and the yearly scientific congress).

“One is responsible not only for that which
one does, but also for that which one does not do.”

Lao Tse

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