Natural birth

Natürliche Geburt

Modern midwifery has developed into a medicine of obstetrics, controlled with excessive technical and medical supervision. The natural process of pregnancy and birth is over manipulated by these often unnecessary interventions.

Due to fear and impatience, there are often provoked complications which render the birth process risky and give the impression that the birth of a child is a dangerous thing. Consequently, today every third birth (in some countries even every second birth) ends with a cesarean, the riskiest of all birth types.

Practical tips for a natural birth:
  • At the beginning of your pregnancy go to see an experienced midwife, who can accompany you through the pregnancy, help you to prepare for birth and refer you to a gynaecologist, if required.
  • Demand that ultrasound testing be only used if the indications necessitate…  more

The parents and their child should be accompanied through the pregnancy with love and trust, prepared for birth and supported by competent midwifes and birth attendants during the process of birth. The natural competence for birth of both child and the mother must be (re-)encouraged and respected at all times. Then, a natural harmonious birth is possible, having a formative effect on their whole life.

The latest discoveries in behavioural science, neurobiology and brain research show that natural birth is a very essential part of the bonding between parents and child. Especially the bonding processes between mother and child during and after vaginal birth are of utmost importance for the development and function of the heart-brain-connection of the newborn for lifelong, intelligent learning. The foundation for a strong immune system is initiated and so is the physical and mental health of a human being.

The World Foundation for Natural Science regularly conducts lectures or seminars on the topic of “Natural birth”. Current announcements can be found in our calendar of events.


Birth is a God-given process! The caesarean—a troublemaker through and through. In the last 20 years the Caesarian section rate in our civilized world has more than doubled. However, it is the mother's choice of how to give birth that significantly affects the health of the newborn child. In contrast to a natural birth the passing on of vital micro-organisms from mother to child does not occur in a Caesarian section birth. Based on their personal experiences, Harman and Wakeford, accomplished parents both, share with us what happens during a natural birth and how a Caesarian can affect future generations. They tell us what can be done if a Caesarian section is unavoidable!