Breast cancer

Breast cancer is one of the most frequently diagnosed cancers for women. In Western Europe one in ten women are confronted with this diagnosis in the course of their lives… and this number is rising. No other form of cancer carries so many fears and emotions. Women undergo screening examinations, treatments and operations that hold many risks and cause physical as well as emotional sorrows. In symptom-orientated research and medicine many of the true reasons and causes of breast cancer remain largely undetected.


How to prevent breast cancer:
  • Avoid hormone-active drugs like the birth control pill, the hormone coil or hormone replacement drugs for reducing menopausal complaints.
  • If you have to use hormone preparations, ONLY use bioidentical hormones…  more

Yet, it is possible to prevent breast cancer effectively. It is a matter of many everyday decisions, for example, whether we use drugs containing hormones, or what food we eat. Furthermore, women  can wear non-wired, natural bras; and choose glass instead of plastic containers; and cosmetics without hormone-like conservatives. More tips about how to prevent breast cancer can be found here.

It is also crucial how we treat ourselves and others. With every illness our thoughts and emotions have a critical influence on our well-being! Yet, if we have the power to cause illness, we also have the power to heal ourselves.

Therefore, it is our responsibility to modify our behaviour in order to prevent cancer. Learn from our seminars and lectures how to concretely and effectively prevent this illness.

“Illnesses do not befall us out of the blue, but they develop from daily sins against Nature. When these have accumulated, they suddenly burst out.”