Microwaves & Water

High-frequency pulsed microwave radiation interferes with the natural, electromagnetic, integrated network of water. Through this network, water is capable of absorbing, storing and transferring information. The electromagnetic hydrogen bonds, and thus the structure of water, are destabilised and water’s microbiology becomes unbalanced when microwaved.

Effect of microwaves on water

Microwaves disturb the vital functions of water

Hence, through today’s mobile communications technology used worldwide the entire water balance of the Earth and of all living organisms is compromised. This has drastic consequences, for without water there is no life. The human body consists of more than 70% water, in newborns the percentage of water is almost 90%. Water not only satisfies our thirst. In the human body it plays an important role in the information transfer in cells, it maintains metabolic processes, it is a binding agent for cell structures and is needed for the evacuation of waste products and poisons. All these natural abilities of water are disturbed by microwave technology – with corresponding consequences for the health of man and Nature.

Focus on Microwaves & Water

Even more radiation: mobile radio now also under water and in the sky

In recent decades, humanity has expanded mobile radiation on land at a record pace. The technically generated microwave radiation strains our bodies and weakens the immune system by interfering with important processes at the cellular level and disrupting them. Plants and animals are unprotected and also exposed to this harmful radiation. But that’s not all: […] Read on...


How does our body deal with mobile phone radiation? Is it possible to easily recognise the effect of technical radiation on natural systems? Does radiation change water, the element on which all life is based? How do animals and plants react?Denise Ulrich pursued this question with experiments in her own laboratory. Her findings provide clear answers and show that the solution is simple.