Glyconutrients are mainly obtained from the Aloe Vera plant

Glyconutrients are mainly obtained from the Aloe Vera plant

Glyconutrients are a type of cell nutrient which until recently had been widely unknown and underestimated. Recently, glycobiology has started to draw more interest among scientists. In 1996, eight essential sugars – the so-called glyconutrients – were found to be responsible for cell-to-cell communication. Glyconutrients are absolutely vital for every cell in an organism. Without them there is no flawless communication and there are no regulated biochemical reactions between the cells in the body. Only with optimal, cell-level communication can our body use its self-healing powers and keep itself healthy.

Glycoproteins on the cell surface

Glycoproteins on the cell surface serve to transfer information among the cells, among other things

Technically, Nature should provide healthy fruit and vegetables for us, which would supply us with the essential vitamins, minerals, phytonutrients and, in fact, with these very necessary glyconutrients, too…had we not contaminated the soil, polluted the air and the water.

For this reason the nutrient content in our food has been declining drastically for decades. In 1951 two peaches provided a grown woman with her daily requirement of vitamin A. Nowadays, she would have to eat 53 peaches! When Nature has regenerated, the complete supply of necessary nutrients for our bodies will be available again. Until then we strongly depend on the appropriate natural dietary supplements in order to stay healthy.