About us

The World Foundation for Natural Science is internationally leading in bringing together science and spirituality by providing real solutions to problems man and nature are faced with in many areas of life. Get to know us better!

Restoring and Healing the World through responsibility and commitment in accord with Natural and Divine Law

The World Foundation for Natural Science was founded by The Most Rev. Dr. Peter W. Leach-Lewis, Ch.D. in 1993. It is our mission to heal the world through responsibility and commitment in accord with Natural and Divine Law, and by doing so to re-establish Divine Order on this precious planet. Only when scientists recognize that there can be no real science without God, will we succeed in solving our problems and only then will we all begin to realize that God too becomes part of the equation.

True Science draws its knowledge from Nature and its Natural Law
Nature and its principles are our object of study. Our focus is on raising this awareness, for only those who are well-informed can actually bring about change.

Bringing together Natural Science and the Humanities in order to solve the problems of our time
We will never be able to fully understand nature, nor its “Natural Science”, as we ourselves are an essential and necessary part of what we are trying to comprehend. We cannot keep ourselves at a distance and objectively analyze nature by removing ourselves from the equation; consequently, the object of our study is incomplete. And this is exactly what provides The World Foundation for Natural Science with its reason for being, as in our attempt to understand what is all around us, we begin to understand what is within us and why we are on this “planet”… the reason for our lives. Life does not happen by accident. We are exploring the intricate patterns and designs of life. We do not believe in Supernatural Powers nor in those phenomena transcending the normal.
Up to a point, everything can be understood and most issues can be explained after a thorough study.

Why St. Francis of Assisi is an example for us
The World Foundation for Natural Science is part of a Franciscan lay order and is The New World Franciscan Scientific Endeavour of the New World Church of the Christ. The great appreciation and adoration that Francis of Assisi (1182-1226) had for all life and creation throughout his lifetime is an example and an inspiration for us. To this very day Francis of Assisi is the Patron Saint of animals, nature and the environment and his service is honoured on his Day of October 4th as World Animal Day.

The earth is our home. It is a school room for billions of people and offers the opportunity to learn and to grow. The earth has been entrusted to us, we are responsible for it. With responsibility comes commitment and the intention to understand and to learn more about Natural Law. Only after having understood Natural and Divine Law (which actually are one and the same!), can we act accordingly and find solutions to the problems that we have created ourselves.

This is the message that St. Francis of Assisi understood and we are following.

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