The physical body is not just a randomly created, biochemical product of evolution – in fact, it is a highly specialised faithful companion on our individual path of life, whose intelligence and abilities surpass our comprehension by far. It is an essential learning task for us to form a good partnership and collaboration with our bodies. Indeed, through this collaboration we may learn a lot about ourselves, Nature and life itself.
Health is our greatest good, never to be taken for granted. Every day we are exposed to many unhealthy influences; it takes our constant attention to maintain our physical as well as spiritual health.

Practical tips for a healthy life:
  • Drink enough water (40 ml/kg body weight) throughout the day. Preferably tap water if it is available in a good quality. Add to the water ¼ tsp. natural salt (sea or rock salt, no refined salt/table salt) per litre, or salt to taste, if you are healthy. This helps your body’s cells to absorb water better. Those living in a region low in iodine should be careful to take in enough iodine with their food…  more

The enormous self-healing powers of our bodies may only unfold to their full extent with the help of the gifts of Nature, such as water, air, sunlight, but also food, medicinal herbs and nutrients, which are all provided by the four elements. Nature can only provide everything we need for our health in abundance and of the highest quality when it remains intact. Just as we are responsible for our bodies, it is our responsibility to cooperate with Nature, to keep her healthy and, if necessary, to restore natural order.

The medicine of the future lies in prevention.

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