Effects and harm

What do the human brain, bees and water have in common? – They all use electromagnetic impulses in one way or another for communication or control processes. Electromagnetism is a natural occurrence, ranging from the earth’s magnetic field to the electromagnetic fields of organs (think of medical examination methods such as the electrocardiogram ECG or magnetic resonance imaging MRI), the tail dance of bees and the bipolar nature of the water molecule.

Technically generated electromagnetic radiation, as used everywhere and to an ever-increasing extent today – for mobile phones, microwave ovens, smart meters, WLAN, smartwatches, electric cars, satellites and every other “smart” device – overlap and disrupt these natural fields and processes. Thousands of studies show that our thoughtless interference with nature is having a massive impact. In fact, we are at a point where technically generated electromagnetic radiation has become a threat to all life on this planet.

In the video clips on this page, we show you how radiation affects different areas – and why. It quickly becomes clear that it is not just about bees, human health or birds, but that all life is affected – and that a shift towards technology that does not harm life is urgently needed.

Focus on Effects and Harm

Electrosmog – pure stress for our body!

Our body responds always and anytime to our environment. Solar flares, for instance, create significant fluctuations in the Earth’s magnetic field and affect biological systems on Earth. Moon phases also cause biological reactions in nature and noticeably influence some people in their well-being, e.g. through their sleep or hormonal system. A weather change, triggered and […] Read on...

Environmental protection through 5G? – Not a good idea

With slogans like “environmental helper 5G”, mobile phone providers are trying to create the impression that the widespread introduction of the “dream team” 5G and digitalisation can avert rampant environmental destruction and global warming. But is this really the case? 5G: Accelerator of Dispersion and Digitalisation In 2019, and earlier in certain countries, the roll-out […] Read on...

Clear Correlation between 5G and Covid!

Until now, environmental factors have been ignored as a possible trigger or reinforcer of Covid-19 disease. Politics, research and public health have focused exclusively on the SARS-CoV-2 pathogen and consequently on vaccination as the supposed only way out of the crisis. This is despite the fact that radiation from wireless communication technologies is known to […] Read on...


In this presentation from our video series "How artificial electromagnetic radiation harms life", the focus is on plants, and animals from mammals to birds and insects. The video uses a variety of research results to explain how continuous radiation affects animals and plants. It also shows why the new wireless standard 5G in particular will significantly increase exposure.