Mobile communication devices

All devices communicating via radio signals emit man-made electromagnetic radiation and threaten the health of all creatures and of Nature.

WLAN (Wi-Fi)

Mobile communications and social networking concept

Even though Wi-Fi transmits at a lower power than mobile phones its impact on our health should not be underestimated. At school and also at home even more children are being exposed to this permanent pulsating signal, which disrupts the communication of our organs. For this reason children often have difficulties concentrating in school, have trouble falling asleep and become ill frequently.

More and more electronic devices are being equipped with a Wi-Fi component. Wi-Fi is permanently sending and receiving data and contributes considerably to the overall electromagnetic pollution.


Tablets are a convenient invention and offer many application possibilities; this makes them very popular. Media and school textbook publishers also are intensively promoting the introduction of tablet computers for educational purposes. Tablets have been designed to be reliant on Wi-Fi only as a means of communication and are not likely to be cabled. As previously explained (see above) Wi-Fi and WLAN-devices are always broadcasting with a pulsating signal, which disturbs the communication of our organs and thus damages our health.

Tablets are no expedient alternative for school books either. Brain researcher Manfred Spitzer and media educator Paula Bleckmann both have pointed out, that the use of digital media before the age of 16 has a negative effect on the learning abilities of reading and writing as well as the language development of children.

Cordless phones

Digital cordless phones of the DECT standard are amongst the strongest household “contaminators”. Cordless phones create very strong electromagnetic fields and are based on the same technology as mobile communications. Even though there are now devices that only send during a call (ECO Mode +), this function must be activated by the user in most cases. In addition, the hand-held unit is placed directly to the head for a long period of time during a phone call. Therefore, we recommend that you don’t use a cordless phone and, instead, convert to a cabled phone at home (and if possible at work, too).

Smart meters

Smart meters are modern water, gas and electricity meters, which periodically send high-frequency signals via WLAN, Wi-Fi or mobile services. These meters are often installed by utility companies without informing the owners or tenants of the property.