The fifth generation wireless standard (5G) is on everyone’s lips: enormous bandwidths, high speed Internet access, the networking of tens of billions of devices worldwide – these are just a few of the buzzwords in the media. Yet there is no comment about the negative effects on humans and nature. It is often mentioned that the population is safeguarded thanks to the current “strict” threshold values. But, as countless studies prove, it is kept secret that wireless radiation can seriously damage health and lead to headaches, lack of energy, tinnitus and even cancer. Even the World Health Organization (WHO) has classified mobile radiation as category 2B “potentially carcinogenic”.

5G does not replace the older wireless technology but complements it. The higher frequencies mean that obstacles can no longer easily be penetrated by radiation, which results in an enormous increase in the number of antennae. While you can switch off your own smartphone at any time, this is not possible with antennae: they radiate 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. So the radiation exposure increases massively!

There are good reasons why governments are hardly advocating more restrictive limit values: 5G is a trailblazer for the Internet of Things (where 100 billion end devices worldwide, from refrigerators to cars, will be networked) and thus also a way of monitoring people around the clock. Last but not least, 5G also brings a monetary blessing: Thanks to the auctioning of new frequency bands to interested telecommunications companies, millions or even billions of dollars are flowing into government coffers.

There is also a great deal of silence about who wants 5G at all: Is it really the general public? Or is it a problem looking to create a new need which will bring the industry billions in profits for decades to come?

Focus on 5G

Proven again: Microwave radiation has negative biological effects on human beings

The evidence that mobile phone radiation, and in particular 5G technology, is anything but harmless for human beings and that the current threshold values are by no means sufficient to protect health, is becoming increasingly clear and frequent. For example, on 10 January 2023, a Swedish case study was published in the “Annals of Case […] Read on...


In this presentation from our video series "How artificial electromagnetic radiation harms life", the focus is on plants, and animals from mammals to birds and insects. The video uses a variety of research results to explain how continuous radiation affects animals and plants. It also shows why the new wireless standard 5G in particular will significantly increase exposure.


A massive mortality of bees and insects has been observed all over the world for several years. For example, in the last 10 years the annual colony losses of honey bees in Germany, Austria and Switzerland ranged between 10 % and 30 %. In America, losses of up to 80 % were recorded in certain years in some places. Science calls this phenomenon “Colony Collapse Disorder” (CCD). However, none of the known influencing factors such as the varroa mite, pesticides or food shortages due to environmental changes convincingly contribute to the unusually high losses of bee colonies. It is mobile phone radiation that disrupts basic processes of the immune system, of orientation and communication and increases the harmful effects of other factors significantly.


The wireless telephone at work, the smartphone in your pocket, WLAN and smart meter at home—and now the new 5G mobile communications standard all mean that exposure to electromagnetic radiation is constantly increasing. But how harmful is the radiation really? Do the international limits offer sufficient protection? Who wants 5G? And what is new about it? Franz Ulrich explains the downside of mobile phone communication without scaremongering and points out concrete options for action in everyday life.


How does our body deal with mobile phone radiation? Is it possible to easily recognise the effect of technical radiation on natural systems? Does radiation change water, the element on which all life is based? How do animals and plants react?Denise Ulrich pursued this question with experiments in her own laboratory. Her findings provide clear answers and show that the solution is simple.


The latest fifth generation wireless standard—known as 5G—is to be introduced nationwide and throughout the world in the coming years. Compared to today, there would be an almost unbelievable increase in the possible data volume by a factor of 100! Nobody knows what these innovations mean for the health of humans, animals and nature—experience is simply missing. However, the signs are that a storm is brewing: Already with today‘s wireless technology, countless studies and practical examples show that wireless technology triggers headaches, tinnitus, problems with concentration and sleep.


Man is an electromagnetic living being, perceiving his electromagnetic environment in an electromagnetic way and communicating with it. Bioelectricity is the foundation of all life. When it gets out of balance or is extinguished completely, then life is extinguished, too. Our lives are affected ever more strongly by devices using technically generated electromagnetic radiation to dominate us with ever more unnecessary information. Man and man alone determines when to actively give Nature what she needs to be back in balance!


All life is based on electromagnetism. Man-made microwave radiation (caused by the worldwide proliferation of devices such as mobile phones, which are literally placed in our children’s cradles, Wi-Fi, cordless phones and microwave ovens) uses the same frequency range which nature, and even our body cells, use for communication! This artificially created radiation destroys all vital processes and threatens ALL natural life. Hear about solutions of how to protect mankind, animals and nature.