Congress 2019 – Review

Review of

The 24th International
“New Scientific Outlook” World Congress

Thursday, October 31st, to Sunday, November 3rd 2019


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The Burden of Loneliness

Why togetherness and caring for each other is essential for us

The Very Reverend Dean em. Paul PROBST, SF, European President, The World Foundation for Natural Science, Lucerne, Switzerland

The most frequent cause of death is neither cancer nor cardiovascular diseases. Most people die of loneliness. The renowned German psychiatrist Dr. Manfred Spitzer describes this frequently unrecognized condition as “painful, contagious and deadly.” That is why he even dedicated an entire book to the effects of loneliness. As a naturopath with more than thirty years of experience, Paul Probst can confirm from his own practice that almost all sick people also feel lonely. Loneliness causes stress because it is unnatural. Humans are social beings who can only unfold properly in the community. This can be seen in the unimaginably great cell structure of our body as well as in the strong bonds of clan and family, which rightfully count as the seed cell of a healthy society. But today this social structure is crumbling and people on all levels are increasingly condemning themselves to a solitary existence.

As the European President of The World Foundation for Natural Science, Paul Probst has chosen his opening address because this year’s congress was also designed in particular to enable people from all over the world to connect (guests from seventeen countries were present), exchange ideas and make friends across continents. To quote Henry Ford freely: “Coming together is a beginning, staying together is progress, working together is success.” In his lecture, Paul Probst used many episodes and facts to explain how much our state of mind – and ultimately our Spirit – influences our health. That loneliness makes people ill was illustrated by the speaker using the example of the Italian emigrant settlement of Roseto in the United States. There the people were extraordinarily healthy despite bad nutrition, as long as they remained well integrated into the social community of their town. When this community spirit disappeared as a result of increasing prosperity, chronic illnesses began to appear equally. Paul Probst explained impressively that with our behavior we influence our genes much more than they influence us. This is why many medical doctors have independently found out what makes people healthy and happy: Joining forces for good!

5G – Totally Digital?

Why 5G is much more than simply a new standard for mobile communication

Franz ULRICH, Electrical Engineer ETH, Hohenrain, Switzerland

Without demonizing this undoubtedly convenient technology, Franz Ulrich showed how high-frequency microwave radiation affects natural systems and how humans, animals as well as plants are affected. 5G is the trailblazer for an ubiquitous digitalization: Smart Homes, Smart Cities, Smart Security. One day it will be possible to operate and interconnect up to a million devices per square kilometer: the Internet of Things.

Concurrently, more and more data is being collected. How? From who? What for? In addition to the health aspect, the speaker said, there were also these questions to be considered when discussing 5G. We will all become more predictable citizens and customers for politics and business. Is the fear of “total surveillance” real and justified? Do we want that? Who will benefit from it?

Did you know that we will need about a thousand times more antennas in order to be able to really operate 5G everywhere? What will happen when tens of thousands of 5G satellites orbit in the ionosphere, the Earth’s “protective shield”, as planned? Franz Ulrich uncovered propaganda lies of the mobile phone industry, gave an outlook of health hazards caused by this 24-hour irradiation and wished for the following: “Imagine, 5G happens but nobody attends.”

Is Mobile Communication Unhealthy?

The visible effects of electromagnetic radiation

Denise ULRICH, MSc in Geography, Secondary PGDipEd, Hohenrain, Switzerland

Are mobile communications unhealthy? The speaker answered this question at the outset and confirmed that there are now countless studies that prove the dangers of mobile communications. But Denise Ulrich wanted to get to the bottom of the matter herself and find out exactly why mobile communications are so harmful. She experimented in her own laboratory with water, the element on which all life is based, and tested different water samples. Using a dark field microscope, she observed how the structure of the water changes when exposed to the radiation of a microwave oven, a mobile phone or a WiFi router.

The pictures spoke for themselves: Under the high-frequency radiation the water appeared chaotic; beautiful and natural structures were destroyed. Blood and saliva samples also revealed a similar picture: Blood that was exposed to a mobile phone and a Wi-Fi router for 30 minutes showed the so-called money roll formation of the red blood cells, i.e. a tendency for the blood to clump and thus a tumour precursor. The good news: If the test subjects move away from the radiation source and go out into nature for only 30 minutes, then the body seems to recover and shows healthy blood pictures again. However, researchers discovered that not only humans, but also nature and in particular trees show damage caused by mobile communications. Here, too, the pictures that Denise Ulrich showed speak for themselves. Conclusion: Technical radiation superimposes the delicate electromagnetic radiation of nature and our bodies and leads to a loss of order. It is therefore important that we preserve enough places in this world and protect them from the influence of mobile communications radiation to give our bodies and nature the opportunity for regeneration.

“A rolling stone gathers no moss”

A practical guide for more exercise in everyday life

Gabriela BAUMANN, certified Dorn therapist, Horgen, Switzerland

Life is movement. Anyone who moves can also move something. This applies to all areas, to our feelings and thoughts as well as to our physical bodies. Gabriela Baumann introduced the audience with a lot of humour to the “tree of life” in humans and showed how breathing and posture affect our feelings and general health.

Gabriela Baumann, who has been working in holistic body therapy for over ten years, uses gentle alternative methods such as Dorn Therapy to return the body back to its natural posture. This means less respectively no pain and greater well-being. Malpositions are often the cause of various blockages and thus complaints, e.g. in the area of the nerves, the circulation, the blood flow, the metabolism and also in the area of the meridians.

You have no idea what it means to do a few simple exercises regularly! Just sitting correctly and consciously makes your body rejoice. This is its way of talking to you, either through well-being or pain. Listen carefully! What does your body want to tell you?

Beekeeping Revolution – Species Protection for Honeybees

What honey bees need now

Torben SCHIFFER, teacher and scientist, Neu Wumstorf, Germany

The good news, which the speaker put at the beginning of his lecture, is that there are still wild honeybees living in tree hollows, as they have done for thousands of years without human intervention and have adapted in evolution through natural selection – they are not extinct! (And they still live without Varroa control by formic acid!)

Torben Schiffer was charged by the University of Würzburg with the task of studying the conditions under which honeybees live in the wild and comparing these with the conditions of domesticated bees and keeping them in bee hives. And he came up with some amazing results. For example, he rediscovered the house pseudoscorpion, which under natural conditions lives in symbiosis with bees, feeds on their waste and whose favorite food is the varroa mite.

Conventional beekeeping is basically a manipulative mass animal husbandry, which breeds away the original behaviour of the bees, which has ensured the survival of the animals in natural evolution (swarming, stinging, etc.), in order to obtain the highest possible honey yield, thus weakening the bees more and more. Today, bees permanently live under conditions in which they just barely survive.

It is impressive to see that bees in a conventional beehive have to work millions of hours just to maintain the correct hive climate (due to the much too large, angular spaces in the corners of which mould quickly forms), at the expense of meaningful activities such as grooming each other, cleaning, propolising the walls, removing mites, etc. Also, a colony of bees needs only about 2 kg of honey in a cylindrical, oval shape of the tree hollow, while a colony in a conventional beehive needs many times the energy (20 kg) to survive.

Torben Schiffer made it clear to the audience that we cannot preserve bees with the present system of beekeeping, even though we want to help them. Not more beekeepers, but more conservationists are needed! Torben Schiffer is the founder of the Beenature Project, which aims to increase and preserve the gene pool of the original still wild-living bees. Through this project the “Schiffer-Tree” was developed, which represents the first species-appropriate bee dwelling. What Torben Schiffer passed on in his lecture is the beginning of a new and urgently needed way to stand up for the life of the bees on our planet and to preserve them.

Freed From Poison

This is how we help our body to safely get rid of toxins

Lukas WALDMANN, Swiss certified Naturopath TEN (Traditional European Naturopathy), Rotkreuz, Switzerland

In his lecture, Lukas Waldmann explained the necessity of removing the toxins absorbed by environmental influences from our bodies whilst supporting this detoxification process through conscious and varied nutrition. According to the WHO, 80% of all diseases are related to chronic poisoning caused by the absorption of toxins through our food, the air and the skin. The multitude of toxins supplied in the form of various chemicals such as pesticides, toxic building materials and plastic components, toxic substances in cosmetics, food additives, medical drugs or dental materials are deposited in the body.

A targeted detoxification can take place via the liver with its digestive juices, via the small intestine and then via the colon, whereby our digestive organs may not be overtaxed. Supporting factors are the addition of bitter substances, algae, zeolite, sufficient water consumption, healthy salt as well as alkaline baths with the addition of magnesium chloride. A diet rich in minerals, fibrous substances as well as vegetable and wild herb juices are equally important components of a toxin elimination.

Goodbye Plastic!

A Life Without Plastic Is Possible

Anneliese BUNK, “Der Spiegel” Bestselling Author, Munich, Germany

The co-author of the Spiegel bestseller “Besser leben ohne Plastik” (“Living Better Without Plastic”) shared her many years of proven experience in avoiding plastic in everyday life. Starting with the bathroom, she provided simple recipes and specific advice on body care, household cleaning and shopping without packaging waste. In particular, she emphasized the importance of local origin and durability in product selection. Also, one should not simply throw away already existing plastic containers in overzealousness, but use them in a different way for as long as possible so that they no longer come into contact with food (e.g. lunch boxes for storing soaps when travelling).

Anneliese Bunk was able to clearly show that by avoiding plastic one not only lives healthier for oneself, but also that by making many products oneself one can considerably reduce the number of having to go shopping, which saves time, money and the environment. Anneliese Bunk, for example, only needs 1.5 kg of olive soap flakes to wash all the laundry for her family of 4 for a whole year. Besides, this detergent is produced by adding washing soda and water in the twinkling of an eye.

Her convincing example proves that life without plastic is not only possible, but also a gain in every respect. Imitation highly recommended!

Building with Wood

Without compromise, healthy, independent and in circulation

Florian THOMA, graduate engineer, St. Johann im Pongau, Austria

Florian Thoma showed in his lecture that the timber construction method developed by his father and himself creates non-toxic living space, which offers the requirements for healing and a healthy life due to the exclusive use of natural materials. Due to an asthmatic illness in his childhood caused by a formaldehyde-contaminated living space and inspired by the way of life of Francis of Assisi, he came to the decision to align his philosophy with the guidelines that his work should serve the environment, the peace and the people. In contrast to the materials used today, the associated environmental toxins and the lack of an acceptable recycling option, for Florian Thoma the removal and return to the natural cycle is an irrevocable requirement.

His knowledge of how wooden houses resist climatic conditions, fungal and insect attack, and his understanding of when a tree produces what properties enable Thoma to build multi-storey houses that more than meet the requirements of the law as well as fire safety regulations. In his construction method neither adhesive tapes nor screws, chipboards, thermal insulation or vapour barriers are used, but wooden dowels and the knowledge of achieving maximum load-bearing capacity even in multi-storey houses by certain arrangement of the timber, whereby even without any energy supply they hardly show any temperature fluctuations in the living area, both at low and at high outside temperatures. In addition, they are earthquake-proof and have no consequential damage even after inundations.

Florian Thoma has made the experience that there are gifts for those who give and share. For this reason he and his father pass on their knowledge and experiences through books and lectures to their fellow men.

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