Review of

The 23rd International
“New Scientific Outlook” World Congress


The 25th Anniversary of the Founding of
The World Foundation for Natural Science

Thursday, November 1st, to Sunday, November 4th 2018


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Opening of our 2018 Anniversary Congress!

The Most Reverend Rita M. Leach-Lewis, SF, World President, The World Foundation for Natural Science, Washington DC, U.S.A.

The Most Reverend Rita M. Leach-Lewis, the World President, welcomed participants from 32 nations – from Peru to New Zealand – to the Congress to celebrate the 25th Anniversary of The World Foundation for Natural Science. She honoured the outstanding accomplishments of the Founder and first World President, Dr. Peter W. Leach-Lewis and explained that all people who are willing to make the Earth a healthier place, are welcome to actively get involved with The World Foundation for Natural Science, as it is high time to bring back the Earth and us human beings into their original, natural order. Additionally the World President pointed out the ground breaking studies conducted under the aegis of The World Foundation for Natural Science, showing, for example, that consumption of food heated in a microwave leads to a rise in the number of white blood cells, that mobile phone radiation damages our brains and what the real causes of diabetes are.

Self-complacency and the resulting lethargy are one of the biggest illnesses of the modern world; this is also a reason for this year´s Congress motto: “If we do not change our ways – the ways are going to change us.”

All Life Is Electromagnetic!

Marcel Hofmann, MSEE, dipl. electr. eng., Utzigen, Switzerland

Marcel Hofmann took the congress participants on a journey from the universe right through to human body cells. As he showed, with reference to the findings of the universal scholar Walter Russell, the entire universe is made up of waves. God is (in) movement, man is an electrical being. He is neither plaything of his genes nor of chance, but creates his world through his own thoughts and feelings. These generate an individual oscillation, whereby measurements have shown that positive emotions resemble a harmonic rounded wave pattern, whereas negative emotions resemble a serrated pattern. The heart, as the largest electromagnetic organ, transmits these vibrations from person to person.

This also makes it understandable why technically generated, electromagnetic radiation, for example from mobile phone masts or microwaves, has a negative effect on our bodies. In this context, Marcel Hofmann specifically outlined the effects that the newest generation cellular network, 5G, running on a higher frequency, will have on our health and emphasized that the expansion to 5G by no means meets the needs of users, but rather of industry and especially the massively increased consumption of pornography on the mobile phone.

Social Media—Is it Really?

David Seiler, Editorial Journalist, Neuheim, Switzerland
Isabelle Seiler, Teacher and Social Worker, Neuheim, Switzerland

Excessive use of smartphones and the Internet put children and adolescents into a world beyond reality, explained Isabelle and David Seiler. Young people are under pressure to be constantly available and to present themselves in a light that is not true. The praise and affirmation that every person needs is now being sought through social networks, which can lead to addiction and the constant need for attention. This constant focus on oneself is often accompanied by a loss of empathy, which in turn leads to brutalization. The “side effects” of social networks include lack of self-esteem, difficulty in coping with everyday life, stress, lack of sleep and fatigue. The loss of “real” communication already affects the development of language skills in kindergarten.

Today, one-third of the volume of data on the Internet includes sex and pornography, and children have unrestricted access to these sites. However, this content destroys true sexuality and the self-esteem of young people, which is why even minors are now undergoing “cosmetic surgery”. This is reason enough, as the speakers said, to accompany children and young people in the use of social media and set up rules together. Parents must take their responsibilities seriously, be examples and find ways to educate children about the responsible use of digital media.

Addiction and How it Develops

Chief Physician Dr. med. Kurosch Yazdi, MD, Linz, Austria

Today, more and more people slide into addiction – including a staggering number of children and adolescents. Dr. med. Kurosch Yazdi explained in the first part of his Congress presentation the biochemical processes in the brain triggering addiction: While the “happiness hormone” serotonin provides a basic life-satisfaction in our psyche, by dopamine, which activates the reward center in the brain, we are only given a short-term “lucky kick”. With a lot of dopamine we are literally “high” on happiness. For some people, the simple smile of their child is enough to make them happy; others only experience this when they sniff cocaine or inject heroin. The reason: the brain easily gets used to high doses of dopamine and you need more and more stimuli to experience this high – to the point of addiction. For the brain, it does not matter whether you depend on substances such as nicotine, sweet flavourings in e-cigarettes, alcohol, painkillers, drugs, etc. or are addicted to certain patterns of behavior (gambling, internet, shopping, sex, etc.). According to Yazdi, especially behavioral addictions such as online addiction are on the increase. While girls and young women mostly get caught up in social media, young men are more likely to be on the drip of online computer games. With many examples, the addiction expert also showed how the ubiquitous availability of digital media is causing a creeping cultural change that is shaking our society to the core.

Addiction—Treatment and Prevention

Chief Physician Dr. med. Kurosch Yazdi, MD, Linz, Austria

When Dr. med. Kuros Yazdi treated his first internet addicts in 2010, the average age of patients was 20 years; today it is 9 years! Children and adolescents are caught in two areas of tension. 1. The (immediate) satisfaction of needs: In maturing as an adult, the child learns that not every need can be satisfied at once. On the other hand, with the ubiquitous Internet, every need can be met immediately. That is why so many become online-addicts – and are proven to be adults who are less successful in life. 2. Searching for and making up one´s Identity dependency: On the internet, young people will always find a peer group of like-minded people. They turn away from their parents and turn to their seemingly so-called “friends”. Thus young people do not really learn the ability to relate to others, because online “friends” can easily be exchanged – they can be just clicked away. Therefore, young people often feel an inner emptiness as soon as they are “offline” – and do not even want leave their seats in front of their computers. Parents should therefore make their child a “benevolent relationship offer”: “I respect you as a human and love you, but I still do not approve of what you do.” Yazdi also explained the different stages of successful addiction therapy (motivation – detoxification – weaning – relapse prevention) and emphasized that curing addictions actually means changing one´s way of life and finding meaning in life.

Love or Sex?—The Power of Creation

The Very Reverend Dean em. Paul Probst, SF, European President, The World Foundation for Natural Science, Lucerne, Switzerland

Sexuality is a law of nature and has a lot to do with our reason for being, stated The Very Reverend Dean em. Paul Probst. Creation is created through the fusion of female and male energy. By uniting Yin and Yang in love, the family is born. In Taoism, it is said that sex is the foundation of health, creativity, spiritual creation and spirituality. The sacral chakra is associated with the love of life, the creative power that is also connected with sexuality. It is not about pleasure gain (physical) but about becoming one and self-healing (through all 7 chakras).

The expression “making love” is not right. It is more about giving and receiving in love (emotional). It is always about harmony between the polarities, for example yin – yang, minus – plus, volt – ampere, inhale – exhale. True bisexuality is thus the highest possible expression of man- or womanhood. Civilizations and cultures are either lifted up by their sexual practices or they disintegrate. Promiscuity (sexual intercourse with many, often changing partners) is certainly not the right way. One reason why same-sex partnerships often fail is because of this lifestyle. True love and friendship is also natural between same-sex partners. But today’s heavy emphasis on pornography leads people astray, especially teenagers.

Sugar—The Sweet Addiction

Lukas Waldmann, Swiss Certified Naturopath TEN (Traditional European Naturopathy), Rotkreuz, Switzerland

Sugar is also about balance, said naturopath Lukas Waldmann. The annual sugar consumption per person has exploded in the last 100 years from 2-3kg to 40kg. At the same time, the number of obese people in western countries has grown by 14% since 2006. Two-thirds of the sugar consumed is hidden in industrially produced food, e.g. in fruit yoghurt and “healthy” smoothies. The result is high blood sugar levels and high blood fat levels, obesity, high blood pressure and inflammation. 30% of cancers are diet-related and 30% of all Germans suffer from non-alcoholic fatty liver disease. Sugar, especially simple monosaccharides are food for cancer cells, and when insulin can no longer reduce the excess of sugar in the system, it is stored in the fat cells. Even Alzheimer’s can be triggered by sugar and is today defined as “Type 3 diabetes”.

The reasons for sugar craving can be low blood sugar, intestinal fungus, mental causes or genuine sugar addiction – it is important to break the unhealthy vicious cycle. How? First, it is worthwhile studying the ingredients lists on products, because sugar has many names: syrup, glucose or fructose syrup, lactose, fruit extract or even sucrose (= “white sugar”). It is best to avoid processed products and buy fresh food, The Mediterranean diet can be a good guide. Also recommended are coloured, non-starchy vegetables, herbs and spices as well as cruciferous vegetables such as cabbage, cress or radishes, which are natural anti-inflammatories.

The targeted immoral ‘re-programming’ of Society’s Mind by the smoking industry

Dr. Karl Cox, PhD, University of Brighton, England

The Tobacco industry claims e-cigarettes are 95 per cent safer than conventional cigarettes. This claim is based on a single study by scientists funded by the tobacco industry without any hard evidence. More and more research shows that e-cigarettes are equally as dangerous and harmful as tobacco cigarettes.

But the consumption of e-cigarettes is growing. In 2011, around 7 million people worldwide vaped e-cigarettes, compared to 40 million in 2018. One e-cigarette brand is spreading especially rapidly, “Juul”: It dominates the market in the US today and is particularly popular with teenagers and students. It is fatal in that, according to surveys, 63% of adolescents do not know that Juul contains nicotine and is highly addictive. 80% of young people believe that “juuling” is harmless. Once again, social media platforms play a dubious role, as these were used by Juul’s manufacturer to markettheir addictive product among young people. The US FDA even speaks of an epidemic of vaping caused primarily by Juul in American schools, because sales increased within a short time by 800 percent!

Experts say that although e-cigarettes contain less of the known pollutants of conventional cigarettes, they contain many other pollutants. No one knows what long-term effects these toxic substances are going to have though the National Academy of Sciences estimate that long-term usage will cause worse health problems. Dr. Karl Cox has therefore launched a petition in the UK to ban e-cigarettes from public display in shops and treat them like conventional tobacco products.

Urban Agriculture—Myth or Reality?

José Ernesto de Almeida Molina, Agricultural Engineer, Lima, Peru

As José Ernesto de Almeida Molina emphasized, urban agriculture not only means cultivating vegetables, but also helping people to see themselves as part of nature, observing the interplay of soil organisms, plants, trees, animals and minerals and by cultivating plants accompanying them from seed to harvest. Growing cities mean greater demand for products, and because the areas are small, efficiency must be high. Urban agriculture meets this need by producing high quality products. In conventional agriculture, anything that disturbs the crop is seen as an enemy and destroyed because basic natural processes are not understood. Based on pillars such as not using pesticides and by increasing biodiversity and livestock, urban agriculture in contrast creates oases that not only invite people to relax but creates jobs, opportunities to sell high-quality organic produce, and places to observe and learn how natural laws are applied. The variety of vegetables, dwarf fruit trees, medicinal and ornamental plants in an extremely small space require an intelligent and well-planned approach to planting and care. The result is a wonderful, balanced plant community, which shares the organic material supplied for fertilization, produces fresh organic food and can be considered a result of true agriculture.

Man’s Health greatly influences the Health of our Animals—part I

Dr. med. vet. Andreas Roesti, Wimmis, Switzerland

In order to understand how holistic healing methods actually work and how they can promote healing and health for humans and animals, we need to know what life on Earth actually is like. For example, the growth of a snail shell or the arrangement of seeds in a sunflower are examples of logarithmic spirals. The whole of life, indeed the whole universe, is designed according to such natural logarithms, Dr. vet. Andreas Roesti states.

The basis of all these forms, of this fractal system, is the law of sound, according to which a sound wave has created the universe – and continues to create it! Not only do each planet and every star have their own frequency, but also every organ in the human body. In nature, different frequencies produce different plants with different shapes. The higher the frequency, the more highly developed is a plant or an animal. Man, too, is an electromagnetic system with a certain frequency.
This law forms the basis of the ear acupuncture and also explains the healing effect of Bach flowers, because each flower corresponds to a specific frequency. This, in turn, influences our soul, because chronic problems can only be treated if the mental causes are also addressed.

Man’s Health greatly influences the Health of our Animals—part II

Dr. med. vet. Andreas Roesti, Wimmis, Switzerland

The second part of the presentation by Dr. med. vet. Andreas Roesti was dedicated to the practical application of the foregoing. A recent film showed the treatment of a horse suffering from the side effects of vaccines and wormers. In this case, an abscess had formed on its hoof. With the help of acupuncture, selected homeopathic remedies and by administering specific nutritional supplements, the veterinarian managed to free the horse from physical ailment.

The speaker explained that in his practice he always treats the owner first and only after that the animal. For the animal is nothing else but the mirror of its owner. The veterinarian also showed various ways in which the relationship between humans and animals can be improved. It is very important that man accepts his role as alpha animal, because many problems arise when animals are dominant and do not obey.

In conclusion, Dr. Roesti asked a congress participant along with his Saint Bernard to come on the stage for treatment, where he showed how the energy field of the animal could be extended by means of a few simple measures. The naturopath Gabriela Baumann worked alongside the veterinarian, and freed the Saint Bernard of tension in the hip area by means of the Dorn method of spine therapy.

Our Vision and Commitment for a Healthy Planet—The Natural Way!

The Most Reverend Rita M. Leach-Lewis, SF, World President, The World Foundation for Natural Science, Washington DC, U.S.A.

In her closing speech, The Most Rev. Rita M. Leach-Lewis asked the participants to actively commit themselves in healing the Earth and mankind. It is the opportunity and the duty of each Congress participant to inform people in his or her locality, but also politicians and organisations about what he or she has learnt at this Congress – just like the famous Hopi poem admonishes, “We are the ones we have been waiting for.” We can make a difference, if we want to. Should the message be rejected, we must not allow ourselves to be paralysed in our endeavours, for “Every great truth has started as blasphemy!”

In the end, Love is the Key – Love for creation and for ourselves. The entirety of creation longs for the love and appreciation of man. And it is love that can save the world – a love we are always immersed in, and to which we only need to open our hearts to pass it on. The World President reminded those present to always dream big, because in this way anything can be achieved – albeit maybe not overnight!

Coming back to the Congress theme, she said, “Without change, there is no progress, and without progress there is no future” – whereby everything begins with an inner desire, with pure thoughts and feelings. And since man can be the only creature on Earth who can actively create, it is up to us to unite with like-minded people to bring harmony and balance back into our being , by starting to serve the life that we have damaged for so long.

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