Soil Health, Genetacally Modified Organisms (GMO): An Oxymoron

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Earth‘s soils, waters and air are being polluted and poisoned on a daily basis by us! The existence of life is threatened, ourselves included.

How are the foods that you eat grown? Do you eat GMO foods? Are you as healthy as you could be? What effect is microwave techology having on your health?

Do you want to be part of the solution to a sustainable food supply, healing the Earth and ourselves? Everything is connected!

Come and join us and gain hope and confidence as to how we can make a difference. Topics will include, Soil Health and dangers of Genetically Modified Organisms.

Gillian McNicoll, is a Registered Midwife/General and Obstetric Nurse.

Gillian‘s professional experience spans over forty years and reflects her interests with working with people and their families to enable good health and well-being. She has a passion for increasing people‘s awareness of their role in healing the damage to our environment and in doing so, healing themselves.

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