How to heal ourselves and our World according to the Natural Law

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What do you really know about the Nature Kingdom and about the Elements that make up life? Why does it seem everyone is getting more sick? Why with all the pharmaceutical medicines available are people more unwell? Learn about the Nature Kingdom as never before. Learn how to heal yourself naturally. Learn how we can heal and restore our planet together.

Dr Karl Cox will talk about how an acceptance of the elements of the Nature Kingdom will bring greater understanding to why modern technologies and agricultural practices are causing such damage to ourselves and planet, and how to reverse it. Karl has a PhD in Computer Science and works at the University of Brighton in the College of Life, Health and Physical Sciences.

Dr Zac Cox BDS will talk about natural health, how to heal ourselves and our planet through what we eat, drink, the medicines we take and how we live. Zac is a practicing biological dentist who has 25 years medical experience in the UK and New Zealand, in private and public health systems.

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