Emotional Balance with the Healing Power of Flowers!

Bach Flower Lecture
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Everything in nature is simple!
Come to learn the healing power of flowers through the work of Dr. Edward Bach, a British physician who discovered and developed a simple healing method for our mind, body and spirit by using 38 remedies extracted from flowers.
Dr. Bach believed that the root cause of diseases was the lack of harmony between the mind, body and our higher self. Each flower remedy is thus directed at a particular characteristic or emotional state.
In this lecture you will learn how to use the twelve main flower remedies to treat feelings of depression, anxiety, fear, loneliness, uncertainty, among others. This “Self help” method is simple to use and is available to anyone. It is safe for children and pets. Bach flowers are simply a blessing for the entire family!
The lecturers, Andrea Lopez and Alvaro Glaser, are the parents of three children and educators at a Montessori school. They both have seen great results in changing children‘s negative emotions as well as finding balance in family life by using these powerful healing essences.

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