Emotional balance for our children

How to use Bach Flowers in everyday living
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Bach Flower Natural Remedies for children are effective and a great addition to our healing cabinet at home!

In our experience as parents of three children and as educators we have seen great results in changing children‘s negative emotions, such as anxiety, fear and irritability by using these powerful healing essences.

The Bach Flower Remedies are safe for children and are wonderful support when children are dealing with everyday fears, daydreaming, self-esteem, worries, sadness, self-acceptance, school issues, etc.

Meet our guest speaker Miss Linsey Denham. Linsey is a Bach Flower practitioner and emotional specialist. Linsey will share her experiences with children, teenagers and families and Bach Flowers Remedies and will teach us how to correctly use these remedies in our own lives and the lives we care about!

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