A healthy soil can regenerate and produce “real food for live”

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Soil – the foundation of our lives is being threatened by industrialization and pesticides. Our soils are depleted and lacking in vital trace minerals and health care costs are sky-rocketing.

How can we maintain that optimal health, vitality and an extended quality of life? Is the answer in mulching and composting our soils in our backyard gardens and farms?

A healthy soil can regenerate and produce “real food for life”!

God gave us (in plants) what we need to remain healthy. Would you like to make your environment healthier, your food safe and nutritious and at the same time have a healthy planet.

Excerpts will be shown from the DVD documentary “Symphony of the Soil” which will examine our human relationship with soil and the misuse of soil in agriculture.

Come and join us and learn what you need to know to have healthy soil.

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