World Congress Review

The latest Developments from The World Foundation For Natural Science
This is a past event.

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Every year, The World Foundation for Natural Science holds a World Congress to bring you the latest developments in natural science, presenting solutions to health and environmental problems such as cancer, microwaves, smoking, the oceans and plastic pollution, trees and deforestation, protecting and loving the animal kingdom, how to revitalise soils, the danger of pesticides and GMO on bees, birds and pollinators, how to live a healthy life, and how to help restore and heal our beautiful planet, our home and schoolroom.

This seminar will bring you all the vital topics we need to address to help heal our planet the way it needs to be healed. That means healing ourselves as well as our beautiful planet Earth.

Please come hear from our experts, who attend and often address the World Congress, and who will share with you what you need to know. We will share with you what you didn’t already know and it will, as ever, be astounding. It will change your life!

Come find out from our experts what you will need to know for the coming year, and beyond, in this brilliant seminar!

This event is over.
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