How to get Healthy

Your Health is in Your Own Hands

People’s health is continually under the microscope. Are you as healthy as you would like to be? What does it take to get healthy?

  • Are you finding it a veritable minefield in finding the best solutions to your health?
  • Why are there so many diets and so many so-called healthy options and alternatives available?
  • Do they all work?
  • Do you choose what works with a little bit of this and a little bit of that, mixing and matching?
  • Is it best to just get on with life and don’t worry about what you eat and how you live?
  • What really works for you?
  • Does the same diet always work for you?
  • What does it really mean to be healthy?
  • Do you listen to your body?
  • Do you know how to? Can your body “talk” to you?
  • How is this possible and what does it mean?

Come and find out how you can become best friend with your body! Learn to listen to what you really need. We will give you the solutions no one else can.

Saturday, September 28th, 2019
Time to 4:00 pm
Richmond and Hillcroft Adult and Community College
TW9 2RE Richmond
United Kingdom
Directions Google Maps
+44 (0)1273-931515
Entrance fee £ 20.– for Members
£ 30.– for Non-Members
Referee Dr Karl Cox, PhD, University of Brighton
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