What will the Next Generation Mobile Networking bring us?
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5G is already under trial around the country. What is it bringing us and the natural world? Did you know 5G is not replacing the existing networks (3G, 4G) but adding to them? This will bring a massive increase in radiation on top of our already irradiated planet. What effect will this have on us and on our natural world?

Our food supply is already close to crisis with falling numbers of pollinators, because of radiation, because of pesticides and loss of natural habitat. How will 5G affect the bees? 5G works at a different frequency to 4G so will we need more masts? What happens to the trees when 5G is rolled out? What effect will 5G have on our health?

Who is behind the drive for 5G? Do you really need to download 100 movies a minute? This is the promise we are being offered but does it make any sense at all? Will 5G herald the roll out of the so-called Internet Of Things, automous vehicles and robotisation of the work place? What does that mean for us? Will we be dehumanised and how will our natural world cope?

Come find out what our experts in technology and health have say about the reality of 5G, who is pushing it on to us and what we you can do about it in this outstanding seminar!

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