Is Vaping Nicotine Safer than Smoking?

Consider the Consequences!
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Electronic cigarettes are everywhere! They are replacing tobacco as the smoking choice for teenagers and young adults because they are promoted as safe. But are they really safe? It’s firmly established that tobacco smoking is a global killer, with over 7 million people dying worldwide from its effects. You cannot be intelligent and smoke at the same time. But what about vaping? Is it really that harmless? What is the genuine medical evidence?

Electronic cigarettes contain nicotine in doses similar to tobacco, and in the new pods like Juul,
in higher doses. What health effects does nicotine cause? Is vaping nicotine addictive?

Children and youth are especially susceptible to the harmful effects of nicotine, including addiction. They may become dependent on nicotine with lower levels of exposure than adults. How can we protect our children and youth from E-Cigaretts? What can we do to raise awareness about the health impacts of Vaping in children and youth?

As a mother and as a Montessori and Forest School Educator, it is my duty to raise awarness about vaping in my community! We must protect our future generations, we must be active, alert, awake and alive, when it comes to ensure a healthy future for our children!

As the old saying goes: “It takes a village to raise a child!”

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