The Oceans – How Long will they Survive?

Marine Protection is Necessity for the Oceans and Hope for our entire Planet.
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The oceans: A world full of wonders, a world still not fully discovered nor understood – a threatened world!

The oceans provide up to three quarters of the oxygen for our planet. The fish of the oceans are the main source of food for about one billion people. Why then does mankind still go on with exploiting and poisoning it? Did you know that plastic was even found in Antarctica – previously considered untouched – and through the food chain does “not just“ end up on our plates, but even can be found in our blood?

Our health depends on the cleanness of the water. But water is more than beverage and clean-sing agent, it is such an extraordinary element that it even is able to carry information. How can this be?

Our Earth is in a critical state and the oceans as the largest water reservoir play a crucial role in the surviving of all life. It is not too late yet, but we must act now. To protect the oceans and seas, we all can do something! We invite you to come to our Seminar. Come and hear about the importance of Marine Protected Areas, about inspiring projects and people, solutions and new perspectives. Let’s protect the Oceans – together!

Sabrina Amico, has been involved in ocean conservation for 14 years at the World Foundation for Natural Science, where she is responsible for this very important area. It is her heart’s desire, to promote a more loving and respectful relationship with this great and incomparably precious part of nature.

Denise Ulrich is a geographer who studies and observes the water in nature and in her own laboratory. She teaches about biodiversity and new approaches to better understand the water element.

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