Social Media Overload

How the Digital World is Disconnecting Us and Affecting Us
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  • Are you using social media every day?
  • Do you check your social media account constantly?
  • Is social media making you happy?
  • What does this mean for your life?
  • Have you wondered how the continual digitisation of our lives really affects us?
  • Could it be harming us?
  • Is 5G going to make our lives better?
  • What are the implications for ourselves and our planet with an everincreasing overload of technical radiation?
  • Is this healthy for us and the world about us?
  • How are bees, birds and trees affected by this digital overload?
  • If it is harmful, what can we do to protect ourselves, our children and the environment from the excesses of the internet and the digitisation of life?
  • Is there a better way to live and how do we protect ourselves and get healthy again?

Our expert speakers will share their knowledge and experiences with you and will give you the answers you need! Dr Karl Cox, a computer scientist, will tell you about his own experiences with social media and digital addiction and give you answers about what you can do to unaddict yourself! Dr Zac Cox, BDS, holistic dentist and student of homeopathy, will share his personal experiences and the latest developments regarding the health effects of our digital lives and the natural world, and what we can do about them.

Join us for this unique seminar on a topic that is affecting every single one of us.
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