How to Heal Disease in us

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To achieve harmony in our lives we need balance in the world and in our bodies. More people
are becoming sick despite advancing medical technology. Is disease and illness now inevitable, something to be feared, even evil? What is causing it?

Dr Zac Cox, holistic dentist, will share with you how our bodies naturally create chronic illnesses, cancer and diabetes as a normal response to the stresses we have placed ourselves under in our lives. He will show you simple steps to help you restore balance in your life and reveal the only two causes of all disease. You will be introduced to new ways of thinking about your body and health and he will also introduce you to the Banerji Protocols, a very successful and straight-
forward homeopathic approach to healing.

Dr Karl Cox will introduce The World Foundation for Natural Science, will talk about what the World Foundation is doing for the world and about his own personal experiences of some of the remedies explained by Zac Cox.

We look forward to welcoming you to this outstanding seminar that will bring you answers as we share our knowledge and many experiences with you.

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