Water: Vital for Our Health

We Need Water and the Oceans to Live a Vibrant and Healthy Life
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Did you know that we mirror the oceans, that the water content of our bodies matches in percentage the water content of our planet? Have you ever thought why this is? There is an epidemic afflicting people and that is water – very few people drink enough water. But why
do we need it? What are water’s properties that are so vital to health, both physically and emotionally?

The oceans are full of pollutants: plastic, radiation, fluoride, mercury, pesticides, synthetic hormones, drugs and more, and it is the oceans that provide us with water. Is it no wonder
many of us are sick? What can we do to change this situation?

Come join us on this important evening for you to find out how to become healthier through
drinking more water, and to learn how to live a life consciously aware of the importance of
water and its source in the oceans.

Dr Karl Cox will introduce The World Foundation for Natural Science and talk about the
wonder of water and how we can help the oceans.
Dr Zac Cox, BDS and Holistic Dentist will talk about many of the toxins in water such as fluoride
and mercury, and how to detox and get healthy again through drinking good water.

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