Cancer: Wake Up Call

How to live a healthy life naturally, preventing cancer and what to do if you have it
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In recent years, rates of cancer have increased dramatically. Why is this? Genetics? Our grand-parents would have had similar cancer rates if this were true. Did you know that how you live
is the root cause of cancer, the food you eat, the way you live your life? More recently the environment has had a growing influence on increasing cancer: microwaves from Wi-Fi and
mobile phones, pesticides, GMO, processed foods, smoking, vaping, and more.

  • But is chemotherapy and drugs the solution to cancer?
  • Why are so many people dying from this?
  • Is there really a cure for cancer or is it just invincible?
  • What if there were a way to prevent getting cancer in the first place?
  • What if nature holds the key all along to our being healthy all of our life?
  • Did you know it is possible to reverse the cancers you may have just by changing your way of thinking and what you eat?
  • What if you could make yourself healthy again just by changing how you live?

Come join us on this important evening for you and for those close to you who may be suffering from cancer themselves.

Dr Karl Cox will talk about the environmental reasons why people are getting sicker, and developing cancers as a consequence, and what you can do about it.

Dr Zac Cox, BDS and Holistic Dentist has had many experiences treating cancer patients. Come listen to what he has to share with you on natural solutions to alleviate and reverse cancers.

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