Healing the Earth and ourselves…

in accord with Natural and Divine Law!
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Our planet Earth is no longer able to sustain life as it should be. The existence of many species of life are threatened, ourselves included. Earth’s soils, waters, and air are being polluted and poisoned on a daily basis, and so are we.

  • Are you as healthy as you could be?
  • What effect is microwave technology having on your health?
  • How are the foods that you eat grown?
  • Do you eat GMO foods?
  • Are you wanting to be part of the solution to healing the Earth and ourselves?

Come and join us and discover how we can make a difference. Topics will include, Dangers of Microwave Technology, Natural Health, Natural Farming and more. Everything is connected!
Since childhood Gillian has felt a love for nature. She gradually learnt that food is our medicine and the quality of food depends on the enviroment it is grown in. She became conscious of the need to heal and protect ourselves from the damage that we cause to our planet and ourselves. As a midwife and nurse, Gillian promotes natural birth, natural childrearing and natural health.

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