Healing the Earth and ourselves…

in accord with Nature!
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There is a huge decline in Nature threatening the existence of many species from bees to butterflies, birds and other animals.

Our planet‘s health is related to our health. Everything is connected! The soil, water, and air are being polluted and poisoned on a daily basis. They say you are what you eat… so are we being poisoned too?

The Earth desperately needs our help. Join us and dis-cover how to be healthy and bring about a healthy planet through Natural Health, Natural Farming, Natural Beekeeping, Natural Foods and Natural Birth.

Zac Cox trained as a conventional dentist and has since developed a passion for natural solutions to health problems. Zac Cox has worked and trained in the leading holistic dental clinics in the UK.

Karl Cox studied at PhD level in Computer Science. Discovering that a lot of the purported “science” was not that at all. Realising a new way he investigated other “science-driven” subjects, such as GMO and Digital Technologies, and tells the truth about their negative impact on our health.

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