20th International “New Scientific Outlook” World Congress

This is a past event.

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The World Foundation for Natural Science takes the restoration and healing of our Earth seriously, harmonising our environment and ourselves, step by step, with responsibility and commitment in accord with Natural and Divine laws – the true laws of Nature.

Unfortunately, in the last two to three hundred years mechanisation has caused great distress to us and to our precious planet Earth. A preferably quick reversal is urgently necessary. Our worldwide organisation, The World Foundation for Natural Science, is a driving force in educating people of all age groups, professions and interests. Our care and love for planet Earth and its inhabitants forces us to do more than ever. Yet, because we cannot achieve it alone, it takes like-minded people just like you, who are willing to stand up for the Earth with an open mind and an open heart together with us. As we are so much a part of Nature, it is our responsibility to restore a harmonious relationship with Nature.

We therefore cordially invite you to reserve your seat for another great congress of The World Foundation for Natural Science today. We will be happy to inform you about the main themes of this year’s program in due time.

This event is over.
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