Vaping and Smoking

The Immoral Reprogramming of Society's Mind by the Tobacco Industry
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Electronic cigarettes are everywhere! They are replacing tobacco as the smoking choice for teenagers and young adults because they are promoted as safe. But are they really safe? It’s firmly established that tobacco smoking is a global killer, with over 7 million people dying worldwide from its effects. You cannot be intelligent and smoke at the same time. But what about vaping? Is it really that harmless? What is the genuine medical evidence?

In the United States, the authorities have declared vaping an “epidemic” among school children where one-in-five high schoolers have tried an electronic cigarette. What happens once your child or friend becomes a user of electronic cigarettes? Does he or she then in likelihood turn to tobacco or use both? Is this happening in the UK?

Electronic cigarettes contain nicotine in doses similar to tobacco, and in the new pods like Juul, in higher doses. What health effects does nicotine cause? Is it addictive? Is the tobacco industry, who own most of the e-cigarette makers, creating a new generation of nicotine addicts? How do you unaddict yourself of tobacco, of nicotine?

Come find out from our experts what the truth is for electronic cigarettes and what you can do about it in this outstanding seminar!

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