Videos on the subject of Health

“A Rolling Stone Gathers No Moss”
The Burden Of Loneliness
Goodbye Plastic! - A Life Without Plastic Is Possible
Building With Wood
Freed From Poison
Man’s Health Greatly Influences The Health Of Our Animals
Sugar—The Sweet Addiction
Social Media — Is It Really?
The Immoral ‘Re-Programming’ Of Society’s Mind By The Smoking Industry
Part 2: Addiction—Treatment and Prevention
Part 1: Addiction and How It Develops
Dis-ease and Sickness—Blessing or Curse?
How Painkillers and Sedatives Drive People into Dependency
Cosmetics—Do They Harm Our Bodies and Environment?
Gonstead Chiropractic—Healing Man from The Inside
Cancer—The End of This Terrifying Threat
Is all Milk the Same? Not so Fast…
The unconscious Power of Music
Glyconutrients — Inevitable for Proper Cell Communication
The Digitalisation of Society and its Consequences
Cholesterol — Friend or Fiend?
Heart attack through ‘evil fats‘? — The true cause of heart attack, arteriosclerosis and hypertension
The Gut and Psychology Syndrome (GAPS) — Healthy Gut, healthy Human
Beyond Einstein Training — Can your IQ be increased?
E-Cigarettes: Re-inventing smoking
GMO Dangers: Genetic Engineering—Hidden Killer of our Health and of our Entire Quality of Life
What causes tooth decay: Teeth - mirror for our health
Caesarean Birth: Troublemaker for Birth - a God-given process!


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