What you can do for the oceans

How to reduce water pollution:

  • Every day be thankful for the water you have at your disposal.
  • Use environmentally safe washing and cleaning detergents for your laundry, dishes and for cleaning.
  •  Choose foods from natural production in your locality, because the harmful substances used in conventional agriculture contaminate the waters and, in the end, the sea.
  • Handle this precious resource diligently, it cannot be replaced.
  • Choose natural cosmetic and body care products without hormone-active substances (e.g. parabens) and without crude oil derivatives (e.g. paraffins).
  • When planning to go on holiday, ask your travel agency whether the hotel by the seaside is connected to a purification plant or talk to the responsible person on site. For example, at the Mediterranean there are almost no purification plants.
  • Whenever possible, write letters to the news editors in order to sensitise the consciousness of the people to the topic of water and the oceans.
  • Also send letters with suggestions and/or demands for the reduction of water pollution to the authorities, companies and institutions.

 Fish consumption:

  • Only buy organically farmed fish.
  • Consume seafish solely from certified sustainable fishing.
  • Choose local fish only, including fresh-water fish.
  • At supermarkets and fishmongers, ask that threatened fish species are removed from stock.