Practical tips for the use of Bach flower remedies

  • In very severe, acute situations reach for Rescue Remedy: Add 4 drops to a glass of water, then take sips every quarter of an hour, until the condition has become better.
  • Obtain yourself a set of the 38 Bach flower essences so that at any time you have at your fingertips the correct remedy for man, animal or plant, as needed.
  • Apply the glass of water method in case of acute, negative emotions: Add 2 drops of the respective concentrate bottle to a glass of water and drink sips every fifteen to thirty minutes, until you feel better.
  • In case of long-lasting stressful conditions and other wearing situations administer an individually composed mixture several times a day as drops or puffs, until you feel better.
  • Engage yourself in Dr. Bach’s healing method.
  • Learn about Bach flowers at one of our lectures.
  • Attend a user seminar and learn to correctly apply the essences for yourself and your family.
  • You may also use Bach flowers for babies, toddlers and animals without hesitation.
  • As Bach flowers are completely safe and have no side effects, we recommend the original Bach flower essences, because they are produced precisely following Dr. Edward Bach’s prescriptions. The majority of the remedies are still prepared from plants from the garden of the Dr. Bach Centre, Brightwell-cum-Sotwell, Oxfordshire, England. We have confirmed the purity of their production ourselves on site.