Urban Agriculture—Myth Or Reality?

Urban Agriculture is giving us the answers to nourish ourselves with healthy, organic, GMO and GE free produce, free of pesticides and other agro-toxins otherwise contained without exception in our foods bought at the supermarkets and even the grocer. The individual citizen, who decides to have his own little allotment wherever he lives, not only develops a more direct relationship with Nature and begins to appreciate Nature in a new way, but he can grow up to 20 Kg of produce yearly on a patch as small as one square metre. Additionally, urban farming is far more economic, opposed to big agro production. Without a doubt, Urban Agriculture is a way of life to be seriously considered and highly recommended for a healthier life.

Lecture by José Ernesto de Almeida Molina, Dipl. Agricultural Engineer, Lima, Peru at the 23rd International “New Scientific Outlook” World Congress of The World Foundation for Natural Science, November 1 – 4, 2018, Ulm/Germany.

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