The unconscious Power of Music

Music comforts, heals, energises, calms, stimulates. But just as music has the potential to raise up, it can also debase, even destroy. Why does music have such a powerful positive or negative effect? How does the omnipresent acoustic irradiation affect us? Can music be used to manipulate? Is there such a thing as “violent music”? Is the loss of moral values and an increase in crime in any way connected to music? What is music in the first place and how can it be used for the good of the people?

Cornelie Thomas, Certified mathematician and music teacher, Werl, Germany
Sandro Künzle, Management consultant and farmer, Sassofortino, Italy
at the 21st International “New Scientific Outlook“ World Congress, Ulm, Germany, November 3rd to November 6th 2016

Language: German / Subtitles: English


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