The Immoral ‘Re-Programming’ Of Society’s Mind By The Smoking Industry

More than 6 million deaths per year worldwide are caused by smoking, despite its noxious effects being well-known. This number of preventable deaths worldwide is on the rise daily, as smoking is recklessly promoted in Third World Countries, Asia and is rampant in schools of all levels. In some wealthier nations, tobacco smoking has recently seen a slight decline, but now electronic smoking is positioning itself to justify smoking once again. Electronic cigarettes and heat-not-burn tobacco devices are being promoted to be up to 95% safer than tobacco. Devil in disguise?!

Lecture by Dr Karl Cox, PhD, University of Brighton/England at the 23rd International “New Scientific Outlook” World Congress of The World Foundation for Natural Science, November 1 – 4, 2018, Ulm/Germany.

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