The hidden use of Genetically Modified Organisms and their impact on Human Beings, Animals and Nature

“Soil anaemia also breeds human anaemia. Micronutrient deficiency in the soil results in micronutrient malnutrition in people, since crops grown on such soils tend to be deficient in the nutrients needed to fight hidden hunger … Managing our soil and water resources in a sustainable and equitable manner needs a new political vision.“
M.S. Swaminathan – UN International Year of Soils 2015 – Food and Agricultural Organization of the United Nations

There has been a huge increase in Genetically Engineered (GE) foods appearing on the market and a growing concern that these Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO) are harmful to animals and humans. GE or GMO products have crept into the food chain without us knowing. Food products are not labelled correctly, sometimes not at all. The supermarkets are aware of this ambuiguity but continue to sell contaminated food stuff. GMO products have slipped into ‘processed’ foods; and almost all livestock is now fed on GM feed. There is conclusive research and evidence to show that GMO eaten by animals is also passed on to humans through its meat, milk, eggs and cheese. In 2007, it was found that over 90% of animal feed contains GM ingredients.

90% of baby food products, fast foods, vegetable oils, juices, biscuits, cakes and sweets have been contaminated by corn and soya products that are genetically modified. Grown primarily in the USA, Brazil and Argentina, 90% of corn, soya and beet crops are genetically modified. At least 80% of processed foods in the USA contain GMO ingredients. The health effects on animals, pets, children and ourselves are potentially catastrophic; ranging from allergies to cancerous tumours. The behavioural effects on people and animals from eating GM foods are unknown and requires more research. It could be that we are becoming sugar craving addicts, due to the new genes (DNA) being spliced into GM crops and ultimately fed to us. The high toxicity of GE crops and their pesticide complements are also destroying the soils, contaminating the water sources, and wiping out nature by killing millions of insects and thus also birds and animals daily.

So are GMOs really dangerous for human beings, for animals, and for nature, especially for plants, soil and water? Read on for an overview of Genetically Modified Organisms; the state of our food today; and what you can do about it to ensure that your family, friends and pets are safe from this silent invasion.


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