Social Media — Is It Really?

Man is a social being by his very nature, and most of us thrive better when we cultivate friendships. These days, however, with the ‘social media’ frenzy having become so popular worldwide and inundating our lives in a sick way, the Social Media have silently replaced the satisfaction of the need for a sense of belonging—so it appears. But under no circumstances can these virtual relationships replace the direct human contact. All social media interfere profoundly with our lives. Gradually, our natural perception of life is fading and our discernment contaminated, disconnecting the users from the authentic, real life to give precedence to the unnatural, unhealthy virtual reality.

Lecture by David Seiler, Editorial Journalist and Isabelle Seiler, Teacher and Socialworker, Neuheim/Switzerland at the 23rd International “New Scientific Outlook” World Congress of The World Foundation for Natural Science, November 1 – 4, 2018, Ulm/Germany.

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