GMO Dangers: Genetic Engineering—Hidden Killer of our Health and of our Entire Quality of Life

Already 90% of all baby food and 80% of all processed food is genetically modified. Genetically modified substances can be found in corn and soya seeds, and just as frequently in animal food for dogs, cats, birds, cows and fish, as well as in our own food. The effects of genetically modified organisms have a disastrous potential – ranging from allergies to cancers and even death, causing tremendous damage. They unhinge the entire food chain. We show you what to pay attention to in order to have only natural, organic food on your plate.

Prof. Dr. Karl Cox, PhD, University of Brighton, England and Lukas Waldmann, Naturopath, Rotkreuz, Switzerland
at the 20th International “New Scientific Outlook“ World Congress, Ulm, Germany, 31.10.2015

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