Climate Farming — For Healthy Soils and Pure Drinking Water

Today’s industrialised agriculture creates sheer “agricultural deserts” through the wrong maxim of “Ever bigger, ever faster, ever cheaper”. But healthy soils and the pure drinking water filtered through them form the basis of all life. Only the small, flexible, local, rural agriculture possesses the corresponding sustainable solutions in order to help the soils recover. For example, climate farming with biochar: It increases the humus content and thus the fertility of the soil and in this way positively influences the soils, water, climate and foods – in short, the entire ecosystem.

Jörg Dossenbach, Farmer, Farm Arbach, Baar, Switzerland
at the 21st International “New Scientific Outlook“ World Congress, Ulm, Germany, November 3rd to November 6th 2016

Language: German / Subtitles: English

Part 1 – Think Globally, Act Locally

Part 2 – Fresh Spring Water at Home

Part 3 – Climate Farming


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