Caesarean Birth: Troublemaker for Birth – a God-given process!

Birth is a God-given process! The caesarean—a troublemaker through and through. In the last 20 years the Caesarian section rate in our civilized world has more than doubled. However, it is the mother’s choice of how to give birth that significantly affects the health of the newborn child. In contrast to a natural birth the passing on of vital micro-organisms from mother to child does not occur in a Caesarian section birth. Based on their personal experiences, Harman and Wakeford, accomplished parents both, share with us what happens during a natural birth and how a Caesarian can affect future generations. They tell us what can be done if a Caesarian section is unavoidable!

Toni Harman & Alex Wakeford, filmmakers and producers of the award-winning film “Microbirth”, England
at the 20th International “New Scientific Outlook“ World Congress, Ulm, Germany, 31.10.2015


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