Focus on Effects and Harm

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5G Satellites: The World in a Radiation Cage

  For decades, scientists, medical associations and those affected have been demanding that the health effects of microwave radiation must finally be taken seriously, and the precautionary principle must be applied consistently. Countless studies clearly show that the radiation triggers oxidative cell stress, weakens the immune system, and opens the blood-brain barrier. Note: This is […] Read on...

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All Life Works Electrically!

  How does life come into being? Have you ever wondered how a seed can become a plant? How does a cell know what its properties are and, above all, where it belongs? Who or what tells the plant what it should look like? The origin of life and the growth of a living being […] Read on...

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Animals and plants under radiation stress

In this presentation from our video series “How artificial electromagnetic radiation harms life”, the focus is on plants, and animals from mammals to birds and insects. The video uses a variety of research results to explain how continuous radiation affects animals and plants. It also shows why the new wireless standard 5G in particular will […] Read on...