Earth Day 2022

Earth Day provides the occasion to connect with Mother Earth in a calm way and to become aware of what Nature gifts us day in and day out. Nature’s bounty has no limits, and we are still far from having experienced and explored everything. All things in nature have their own purpose and their destiny. We cannot just make a substitute for something and pronounce the original obsolete. The more we learn about natural processes and correlations, the more we recognise the great network of all life, and so the true lover of nature will again and again marvel at the many gifts of nature and feel deep gratitude for them.

We want to offer you such an opportunity to marvel today and invite you to watch our beautifully illustrated short film. Its title is “God’s Pharmacy”, and it shows how much our body and our health are connected with nature and what surprising parallels we can discover. We are sure that you can quite easily apply some of the information in your daily life for the benefit of your personal well-being. Become a Nature lover, too!

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