All Life Works Electrically!


How does life come into being? Have you ever wondered how a seed can become a plant? How does a cell know what its properties are and, above all, where it belongs? Who or what tells the plant what it should look like? The origin of life and the growth of a living being are a mystery that science cannot explain. Does the answer lie in our genes? Is the information stored in certain sections of DNA?


DNA – the Blueprint of Life?

The growth of a living being is partly based on the information contained in the genes. Cells decode the genes to obtain information that they primarily need for building proteins. Proteins form the “basic material” for life. They are responsible for the structure and function of every living cell in the body and control the biochemical processes of metabolism. But where does the growing living being get the information about which cell should take what place in the construction of the organism? It is like building a house: a blueprint is needed to put windows and doors in the right place in the building.


The Electrodynamic Field

In the 1940s, Dr. Harold Saxton Burr, professor of anatomy at Yale University, studied the shape of energy fields in living animals and plantsin the hope of finding this blueprint. His field measurements on unfertilised salamander eggs became famous:
Burr measured the electrical potential in different areas around the egg and noted the measured value and position. The subsequent graphical evaluation of the potential differences in relation to each other produced a fascinating picture – namely that of a fully grown salamander! So the shape of the fully-grown animal was already present in the salamander egg, or rather in the electrical field around the salamander egg. Burr also made such measurements on cereal plant seeds. The result was identical: the measurements on the seed gave the image of the adult plant. Dr Saxton Burr called this electric potential field the “electrodynamic field”. The answer to our original question is therefore: It is not so much the DNA, but rather the electrical field of a living being that contains the blueprint and determines the shape of the body.

In a much more complex biological system such as the human body, the form and function of any group of cells is determined by three factors:

  1. the genetic information of the cell (DNA),
  2. the relationship with neighbouring cells (cell communication), and
  3. the position they occupy in the electrodynamic field.

It is not only living beings that have an electrodynamic field. Harold Saxton Burr wrote in his book: “The universe in which we find ourselves and from which we cannot be separated is a place of law and order. It is neither chance nor chaos. It is organised and maintained by an electrodynamic field which is capable of determining the position and motion of all charged particles.” (Burr, 1972)


Life is Movement

Growth and life means constant movement. The life energy required for this is provided by cosmic radiation. (Feynman et al., 2006) It consists of high-energy, electrically charged particles that probably originate from the Sun, the Milky Way and distant galaxies. However, the exact origin of cosmic rays remains unknown.
This very strong energy, or rather the large number of incoming cosmic particles, would have the potential to endanger the fragile life on Earth. Fortunately, the Earth has a “protective shield”: our planet is surrounded by a magnetic field of enormous dimensions, which guides a large part of the radiation around the Earth. Nevertheless, many electrically positively charged particles reach the Earth’s surface, which possesses a negative electrical charge. (Science has not yet been able to explain why this is so).
If the positive charge that continuously arrives on the Earth’s surface were not balanced, it would neutralise the negative charge of the Earth within a very short time and life on Earth could no longer exist. So a mechanism is needed by which the positively charged particles are transported back into the atmosphere. This task is performed by the millions of lightning bolts that light up the sky in the approximately 40,000 thunderstorms that occur around the globe every day. (Feynman et al., 2006)


The connection with the Earth Protects and Heals!

The negatively charged particles that determine the charge of the Earth’s surface contain free electrons. These electrons are able to reduce positive charges in the human body. Such – excess – positive charges are found, for example, in free radicals. Free radicals are molecules, atoms or ions with an unpaired, i.e. “free” electron. They are highly reactive and can trigger oxidative stress in the body, for example, which in turn is the cause of many diseases.
Free radicals, such as those produced by mobile phone radiation, circulate in our bodies in search of electrons to complete themselves, and can also destroy healthy cells in the process. As soon as these free radicals combine with the free electrons of the negatively charged ions of the earth, they are “saturated” and no longer contribute to inflammatory processes in the body.
This electrical balancing of free electrons can take place when we connect with the earth, for example by walking barefoot in the grass or on the beach. This process of grounding ourselves increases our physical well-being and supports the body’s self-healing powers. (Ober et al. 2010)


Orientation to the Earth’s Magnetic Field

Living creatures are connected to the earth via other electrical and magnetic fields. The Earth’s magnetic field not only protects them from too much cosmic radiation, but also helps birds and insects, for example, to navigate. Zoologist Prof. William T. Keeton from the American Cornell University investigated how animals orientate themselves to the earth’s magnetic field in an experiment with pigeons in 1971. (Keeton, 1971)

Pigeons can orientate themselves by recognising features on the ground, such as trees, hedges, roads and buildings. What happens if the birds are deprived of this possibility of orientation? In a first experiment, translucent contact lenses were inserted into the pigeons. This allowed them to see light, but not to make out any contours. The pigeons were left in Marathon, 45 kilometres north of Ithaca in the USA. Although the birds do not normally fly over open water, they now flew out onto Lake Ontario until they encountered the nearest magnetic field line. They then followed this line until they reached their destination.
In the second experiment, a magnet was additionally attached to the back of the pigeons’ heads, which prevented them from orienting themselves to the magnetic field, as they had done in the first experiment, in order to find their way home. This time the pigeons only returned after a day or two, in fact only after the magnets had fallen off. (Moore, 1988)
The orientation of pigeons to the earth’s magnetic field is not made possible by iron-containing cells in the beak of the animals, as was long assumed, but by nerve cells. (Dönges 2012)

In the human brain, there are millions of magnetite crystals in brain cells and in the brain membrane (Kirschvink,1992), which help humans orient themselves to the Earth’s magnetic field. Magnetite crystals can receive even weak signals; they react more than a million times stronger to an external magnetic field than any other biological material. Also, 30 percent of the molecules of the cerebral pineal gland are metallic and consequently sensitive to magnets (Oschman, 1997). Thus, external magnetic fields affect the brain directly, which can lead to changes in metabolic functions. This is the reason why caution is advised when using a mobile phone and it should not be held directly to the head.


Schumann Resonance and α-Waves

Another way to connect with the earth is through its “heartbeat”. The earth’s “heartbeat” was discovered in 1952 by the German physicist and electrical engineer Winfried Otto Schumann. (Schumann, 1952) (Before him, the physicist and electrical engineer Nikola Tesla had already described the existence of such a frequency, but he had not been able to prove it.) The Schumann resonance, named after its discoverer, is approximately 7.83 Hz, which corresponds to 7.83 beats per second. This frequency range is also called “Extremely Low Frequency”, or ELF for short, and it is of particular importance because many natural electrical signals, such as those produced by muscle contraction or generated by the human brain, are in the ELF range.

The electrical connection between the earth and its living beings, including humans, is vital. The fact that we cannot live healthily without this connection to the earth was demonstrated by the chronobiologist Prof. Rütger A. Wever of the German Max Planck Institute on the basis of more than 400 experiments he conducted between 1964 and 1989.
The experiment worked as follows: volunteers spent several days in a bunker, completely sealed off from light and isolated from the earth’s natural electric field. The heartbeat of the earth–the Schumann resonance–was no longer perceptible to them. After only a short time they felt unwell and nausea overcame them. This changed immediately as soon as Wever introduced the frequency of 7.83 Hz into the bunker.
Interestingly, the alpha waves of the human brain are exactly in the range of the Schumann resonance. Among other things, alpha waves are characteristic of a relaxed state of alertness with a simultaneously wide awake and active brain.


Communication through Resonance

Even communication within the human body, between cells and organs, takes place with the help of electrical signals. Each organ has its own resonance frequency, its own address, so to speak, with which it can receive corresponding signals. (Gittleman, 2010) This fact is well known in medicine and is used for diagnostic devices that are based on receiving electrical and magnetic signals and fields from the body. Examples of this are Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) and the Electrocardiogram (ECG).

We all know from our own experience that in interpersonal communication the spoken word is only a small part of the message. At least as important is the connection between two people through the magnetic fields of their hearts. It gives the message the “colouring” by which the receiver can weigh and “interpret” the spoken words. This is even reflected in our vocabulary: if we feel attracted to a person or understand him or her well, we speak of being on “the same wavelength”. Our magnetic fields go into resonance and our hearts “communicate” with each other.

Resonance is a scientifically well-documented phenomenon. It is a property of all systems, from the smallest structures such as atoms to planets or even galaxies. For example, molecules with similar properties resonate (Ho, 2008), and cells use resonance to communicate, reproduce and to heal (Oschman, 2015).

All of these described communication processes in the human body require energy. In living cells, there is an electrical voltage across almost all membranes. Like a battery, this voltage indicates the energy and thus the health of the cell. The energy for maintaining this electrochemical potential comes largely from the energy-rich molecule ATP (adenosine triphosphate), which is produced in the mitochondria, the power plants of the cells. ATP provides the energy for almost all energy-consuming processes. Many studies have shown that technically generated electromagnetic radiation can alter the DNA in the mitochondria that leads to permanent damage. (Pike, 2019)



Are We a “Victim” of Our Thoughts?

The science of epigenetics, which is becoming increasingly important, is changing our understanding of how life works. Epigenetics looks at changes in gene activity that occur without changing the DNA sequence. It has been found that external factors have a major influence on whether genes are activated or not. These factors include nutrition, stress, social contacts, environmental toxins, and also the human psyche. (cf. e.g. Lipton, 2013 and Lipton, 2016) Epigenetics “proves” that humans are not only body, but also mind, and that they influence their world much more strongly with their thoughts and feelings than we had previously assumed.
Everything we had excluded from the medical model – energy, thought, mind, feeling – now turns out to be the main mechanism of interaction with physical reality. Specific frequencies and patterns of electromagnetic radiation control DNA, RNA and protein synthesis, alter protein form and function, and control gene regulation, cell division, cell specialisation, morphogenesis (development of organs, organelles and other structures), hormone secretion, nerve growth and function.
These new findings show that the environment and our perception of it can override the programming in our genes. By what we think, we can actually actively change our genes, and thus we are not a “victim of our genes” but rather a “victim of our thoughts and feelings”.


Wireless Communication Harms Life!

Electrical and magnetic impulses thus play a major part in all processes surrounding life on Earth and beyond – from atoms to cells to bodies to planets, solar systems and universes. Technically generated electromagnetic radiation superimposes and significantly disturbs these fine, natural electrical and magnetic signals and fields in nature.

The special properties of wireless signals are

  • high peak values,
  • enormously rapidly changing signal values,
  • pulse frequencies in the range of biological signals and
  • continuously persistent radiation.

The technical signals impose their characteristics on the body’s own signals and thus prevent clear communication between the cells. In addition, they generate free radicals, which, as described, can lead to health impairments and even chronic diseases.

Nature provides everything we need for a healthy life! We are understanding more and more that all of life’s processes are in a perfect balance and that we humans disturb this harmony, especially with modern wireless communication technology.

It must be our goal to do no harm to life on earth with our supposedly advanced inventions. Start personally by limiting your use of devices and means of communication based on wireless or electromagnetic radiation as much as possible. Make a strong case for harmless alternatives!




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