SARS-CoV-2 vaccines: should you get one, every year? – Part II of II

COVID vaccine trial data – five major vaccines under development

The publication of data from vaccine trials for Covid-19 is not as transparent as it should be. We are told in the mainstream media that vaccines are safe but we are not shown the data. The Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine is reported as 90% effective and safe, yet no data has been presented to show this. When you read the main media outlets you are given a false sense of security: vaccines are showing only mild adverse effects, or are reported safe. Go to the medical journals where the trials are more fully reported and read the abstracts. You get the same story: no severe adverse effects reported. But read the articles themselves and read the data presented: severe adverse effects are always reported. The US Food and Drug Administration1) definitions of moderate and severe adverse effects are very similar for some adverse effects: you are reliant on pain killers and you cannot function normally in your daily life. So when you read moderate, it is still affecting your daily life to the point where you need pain killers to function.

The table below presents some of the published data from five trials of major vaccines. Not all data has been released, for instance around animal trials. Human trial results are often hidden behind non-disclosure agreements. Shouldn’t we question the reliability of the data reaching the public domain?
Data on side effects of SARS-CoV-2 vaccine trials (Oct 2020) 2)

Company (nation where trials occurring)Vaccine typeSide effects reported 3)Source
Moderna (US)mRNAHuman trial 1: All reported side effects; 20% reported severe side effects.
CanSino (China)DNA or RNAHuman trial 1: Adverse reactions in 83% participants (injection site pain most common). Grade 3 reactions reported by 10-17 participants (from 195).
AstraZeneca (UK, US, Brazil)
DNAOne participant developed severe reaction: transverse myelitis (inflammation of the spinal cord). Trial halted.
According to The Lancet article a small number of severe reactions were experienced and a high number of mild reactions. A significant number of moderate responses recorded.
Pfizer, BioNTech (Germany)RNAHigh-dose reactions severe enough to cancel second vaccine! Mild, moderate reactions common and severe also reported. 45 participants only.
Novavax (UK). Collaborator: CEPIDNA (not RNA)Mild, moderate and severe reactions documented. Severe: fatigue, pain around vaccine site. “the
most common severe systemic events were joint pain and fatigue” NEJM.
ModernamRNATrial for older patients (56 – 70 & > 71, 40 participants). Severe side effects documented (vaccine 2): fatigue and fever (1 participant each). 10 moderate side effects. 1 participant dropped out of the trial after vaccine 1 as developed paronychia (tissue infection).

Unresolved problems

In order to create a vaccine, it is vital to know what it is you are trying to eliminate from the body. Viruses are fully understood once they have been purified, removing all other trace elements such as human or animal DNA. The Covid-19 virus does not appear to have been purified – only parts of the virus were isolated by Chinese scientists, taken from only six individuals. This means testing for Covid-19 is not going to work well because the current PCR tests will pick up any RNA that looks like a coronavirus (which form part of common colds) and is highly likely to return false positives. In Germany, the Robert-Koch-Institute found 2.2 to 7.6% failure rate in Corona PCR tests (April 2020).resolved problems,4) A false positive means that in a test the outcome was positive even though the individual tested was negative. The test is not accurate. If 100 people are tested, of which 10 appear to be positive outcomes, two of those are in fact false. That is, eight of those ten have coronavirus and the other two do not even though the test says they do. Imagine then, those two having to go through all the same treatments for coronavirus even though they don’t have it. Equally, a false negative could result in people who do have coronavirus not being detected. This means they may need treatment but won’t get it. This rate of error extrapolated to population level means that the PCR tests are ineffective. Indeed, it is reported that false positives could range from 43 – 63% of tests conducted because the PCR test is simply picking up fragments of coronavirus RNA only without clarifying how strong the viral load is or whether it is the novel coronavirus or an older one. The weaker the load detected, the higher the false positive because a weak load implies only that you had a coronavirus (or common cold) before.5) Given this enormous number of false positives, should we really be taking seriously a test result at all if there are no symptoms at all? Until the virus is purified, testing is very hit and miss.

You are probably already immune
It is estimated that between 30% and 60% of the population have some t-cell immunity to coronaviruses.6) 7) That is, those who have had common colds – most of us! – will have some immunity to coronaviruses in general and this is the t-cells, even for Covid-19. This is probably why so many young people are asymptomatic. There is no reason to get a vaccination given this natural immunity! The CDC survival rates (of those who contracted Covid-19 as shown in Part I) verify this. It is also found that many patients diagnosed with Covid-19 go on to develop t-cells that attack the virus.8) This means that we won’t get very sick, if we get sick at all. The remaining population, we presume are the more elderly (89% of deaths over the age of 65) or very-immune compromised (95% of deaths were those with co-morbidities).9) T-cells tend to lose their potency when we reach around 65 years old. The vast majority who die are the elderly who have severe co-morbidity. That is, they already have a serious ailment such as advanced cancer or a long-term chronic disease that’s currently out of control. Or they have a pulmonary or heart problem. In these cases, many would die anyway irrespective of testing positive for Covid-19. We can improve our ability to generate functioning t-cells with Vitamin D.10) Given this immunity, the attraction and the need for vaccines falls sharply.

Should we trust the vaccine manufacturer?
Let’s focus on AstraZeneca, who make the flu vaccine nasal spray and are manufacturing one of the leading Covid-19 vaccine candidates.

AstraZeneca has had literally thousands of lawsuits filed against it. In 2008, there were 8,787 lawsuits filed against just one drug it makes, Seroquel, which, as a side-effect, caused weight gain, hyperglycemia, pancreatitis and diabetes11).

In 2013 the EU put pressure on AstraZeneca to come clean about its clinical trials for a blood thinning drug called Brilinta when it was discovered a number of heart attacks went unreported by the company12).

In August 2016, it was reported that AstraZeneca was being sued for withholding information about the risk of harm their Nexium drug does to kidneys13).
Further lawsuits against the company for its Nexium drug were opened in 201714) and in 201815) for causing kidney failure and chronic kidney disease. The drug has also been identified for increasing stomach cancer risk16).

Yet, here we are in 2020 with the UK government having ordered millions of vaccines that have not completed its trials yet and has not been licensed and the company has received indemnity from prosecution if the vaccine causes harm! Do you really want to risk it?

Does the UK Government trust in the products of the pharmaceutical industry when it comes to vaccines? If it did trust them why would it have a vaccine damage payment scheme?17) The government takes it as a given some children will be severely affected for their lifetime by the vaccinations administered – how can this be beneficial to anyone? The US Government still maintains a vaccine adverse effects reporting system (VAERS)18) and offers compensation to victims19). Yet, the US Government has given immunity to the pharmaceutical industry – they cannot be sued for vaccine damage20) even though the Government collects statistics of vaccine damage and has paid out well over $1bn as a consequence. How can they not recognize that the pharmaceutical industry products are unsafe?

How do we know the vaccine is completely harmless? The medical journals are compromised by the influence of the pharmaceutical companies. To quote renowned psychiatrist Dr David Healy: “If we were getting our drug information from The New York Times instead of medical journals, we would all be a lot safer… the editors and writers involved with [medical] journal fraud still have their jobs and the articles are not even retracted.”21)

Recent research shows that all vaccines tested contain nanoparticle pollutants. The Pfizer BioNTech vaccine BNT162b2, is claimed to be 90 % effective against Covid-1922) – yet the only data we can see is from the company in a press release, not a medical journal. This mRNA vaccine is a nano-gene-vaccine. According to Medscape: “BNT162b2 contains lipid nanoparticles with modified mRNA encoding the spike protein of SARS-CoV-2. After intramuscular administration, the protein is produced intracellularly, which leads to an immune response.”23)

The German Federal Institute for Risk Assessment (BfR) states on its web page titled “Health assessment of nanomaterials”: “In principle, these novel properties can also have adverse effects on human health if released particles can enter the body, where they can be finely distributed and accumulate in different organs.”24)

These particles easily pass into the cells of recipients, because of their size – they are too small to be blocked by a cell’s natural barriers – and as such can pass into organs, into the blood stream and through the blood-brain barrier. They are not natural for the body and hence are toxic25).

If 5G gets switched on globally (see the WFNS website for much more information on microwave radiation), what impact will this have to those who have nanoparticles in their bodies? Since metal attracts microwave radiation, is it possible this will amplify the harmful effect of both the radiation and the nanoparticles? It is our hypothesis that receiving vaccines that contain metal nanoparticles will weaken the immune system and exaggerate the harmful effects of microwave radiation on the body.
There is a threshold below which health problems are not outwardly apparent but once that threshold is crossed, then the outward signs are there for all to see. And eventually chronic illness or disease will be the outcome.

What has not be made public is that coronavirus vaccines can produce two antibodies, one that fights against a virus and one that effectively amplifies the effect of the virus, should you contract it. These vaccines can trigger antibody-dependent enhancement, making the virus significantly worse should you contract it after vaccination.26)

Who really benefits from vaccination?

When you consider the list of all who will gain from this vaccination promotion, at the bottom of the list are those receiving the vaccine. At the top are AstraZeneca and the other pharmaceuticals, and NGOs like the WHO, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation Trust, which earns an income on its investments in the vaccine industry – all of whom will get richer –because they can sell their drug and work on developing, and marketing, the next one. Pharmaceuticals are putting such amounts of money into marketing, it’s creating a need where one simple isn’t there.

If they come knocking at your door to vaccinate you
You may be compelled ‘under law’ to be vaccinated. Not only is this breaking human rights laws, it is a deliberate and premeditated assault on the sanctity of your body and that which gives your body life. There are things you can and must do in these circumstances. You should ask27) of anyone who wants to vaccinate you:

1. How dangerous is the disease for which you are being offered a vaccine? Is it life-threatening or crippling? What is the evidence and what is the chance of this happening to you or your child?

2. How effective is the vaccine?

3. How dangerous is the vaccine? What are the chances it will kill or cripple or give you the disease it is meant to vaccinate against?

4. What side effects are associated with the vaccine?

5. Which patients should not be given the vaccine? You might have asthma or eczema or an inflammatory bowel disease, for instance, or your child might. These are contraindications meaning a vaccine has a much greater chance of causing you or your child severe adverse effects. The government will state that contraindications are diseases like leukaemia. But anything that causes a weakened immune system is a contraindication.

6. Will you guarantee the vaccine will protect me or my child? If not, what protection does it offer?

7. Will you guarantee this vaccine will not harm me or my child? If not, how risky is it?

8. Will you take full responsibility for any side effects caused by this vaccine?

Get all the answers written down there and then. Then ask the vaccinator to sign that document and print their name, and to confirm the vaccine is both safe, effective and that you are healthy enough to receive it. Also, write down the address of the location and the date. Vitally, write down the batch number of the vaccine – ask the vaccinator for this. This is really important for when patients sue doctors for vaccine damage; without this information, that lawsuit is not likely to succeed. Vaccinators will not like what you ask but they intend to violate your body and earn money from the process. You have the right to protect yourself and your child.

The Universal Declaration on Bioethics and Human Rights28) states:

Article 6 – Consent
1. Any preventive, diagnostic and therapeutic medical intervention is only to be carried out with the prior, free and informed consent of the person concerned, based on adequate information. The consent should, where appropriate, be express and may be withdrawn by the person concerned at any time and for any reason without disadvantage or prejudice.

You have the right to refuse a vaccine because the vaccine is a ‘preventative’ medical intervention. Some countries make this a painful process because they might refuse unvaccinated parents to send their children to school (Brazil) or might refuse unvaccinated adults social services payments (Australia). Perhaps your employer will be encouraged to refuse you access to work if you’re not vaccinated? But refuse you must. Enough people must say no to a Covid-19 vaccine and tell their elected officials why. Then the legislation may not be so harsh across the country. But as the media, who are paid by pharmaceuticals (advertisement revenues) are heavy promoters of vaccination, many people will simply go along with what they are told. Please tell them in advance to read this material and to do their own research. Vaccines are simply not safe and neither are they effective.

Natural Solutions
You don’t need a vaccine to improve your immunity to SARS-CoV-2.
It’s clear that the risks of adverse health effects from vaccines can be quite severe, even life threatening. What can you do to get healthy and to boost your immune system?

Maintaining a healthy diet and lifestyle is important. Extra vitamin C, D and zinc to supplement an organic diet. The World Foundation for Natural Science website29) is full of information on natural solutions to boost your immune system and thereby significantly reduce your risk of contracting Covid-19. Homeopathic medicine works well. A study of 50 patients who were diagnosed with Covid-19 took homeopathic medicines; none ended up hospitalised (where hospitalization rates were reported at 32 per cent).30) Traditional Chinese Medicine is also a good source to bring balance to your body and boost your immune system.31)

The homeopathic medicine, bryonia, can be used as a prophylaxis to boost immunity against contracting Covid-19. A number of studies demonstrate bryonia’s effectiveness, including large study in India in mid-May to mid-June on 60,000 people (randomly selected) resulted in none testing positive on a PCR coronavirus test.32)

Dr Pratip Banerji, in his homeopathic clinic in India recommends the homeopathic medicine Thuja occidentalis 30c, to be taken twice a day for a week, then twice a week for three weeks, as immunity booster against viral diseases. He also states it is important not to panic33), because this creates fear and fear makes you sick. Bach flowers remedies are also excellent to help reduce fear and anxiety and are readily available in good health food stores.34)

To coerce people into vaccinating or even to hoodwink them into doing so is to criminalise the right to protect the sanctity of our own bodies, to wilfully and knowingly ignore our human rights. We are responsible for our own bodies and it is up to us to decide. No one has any right no matter what the situation to forcibly violate someone else’s body. To forcibly or coercively vaccinate is a violent assault on our very being.


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