World Oceans Day – 8 June

World Oceans Day, which has been celebrated on 8 June since 2009, unites and rallies the world to protect and restore our shared oceans. On this day the people around our blue planet celebrate and honour the oceans that connect us all. The day is a reminder of how essential and worthy of protection the oceans are for the life on this planet. In many places around the world, many different activities take place such as beach cleanings, lectures, meetings, booth activities and much more.

This year one focus is on bringing together conservation efforts to strengthen the global movement calling on heads of state and government to protect 30% of our blue planet by 2030. This urgent demand is called “30 x 30”.

This initiative reflects the findings of leading scientists that we need half the planet in its natural state to prevent the extinction of one million species. Currently, only 15% of the land surface and 10% of the sea surface has been protected. The organisation World Oceans Day therefore proposes to start protecting 30% by 2030. But it is not enough for just scientists to demand this. It takes people from all over the world coming together and demanding urgent action. To this end, “World Oceans” Day has joined forces with many organisations that have launched an online petition called “Campaign for Nature”, which is committed to the conservation of 30% of the planet:

This ambitious goal is supported by the latest work of leading scientific experts from around the world who have joined forces under the “Campaign for Nature” project.

The aim of this petition is to persuade governments around the world to agree to protect at least 30% of the planet’s land and sea areas by 2030 and to achieve progress for intact ecosystems at the upcoming CBD COP15 (Convention on Biodiversity COP15 Summit). The establishment of marine protected areas is very efficient because the oceans can regenerate quickly and the surrounding unprotected zones also benefit from the wealth of returning plants and animals. (e.g. Cabo Pulmo National Marine Park)

Sign the petition and join in the action on World Oceans Day. Educate your fellow citizens about the urgency of protected areas and free your local lakes, rivers and seas from the rubbish on the shores and beaches.

Visit also the Official United Nations World Oceans Day Portal