Exercise at home – Easy activities to balance the body

Our body is not made for sedentary life, movement is essential for our health. Most people generally spend too much time in a seated position, but this situation has now become even more acute with the restrictions imposed as a result of the coronavirus. The gyms are closed, the home workplace may not be ergonomically arranged, exercise in the fresh air is only possible to a limited extent or, if there is a curfew, not at all. Poor posture – especially of the pelvis, which forms the basis for upright statics – is almost pre-programmed, and tension in the shoulder, arm or neck area can also be the result.

Take a little time each day to realign your body and get back into balance. Strengthening the centre also means improving health – the immune system –, well-being and quality of life, and balancing emotions. Even a few simple exercises will help you to free your body from any pain caused by incorrect posture and lack of movement, to gain more flexibility and to increase your awareness of your body.

We have put together a few tips for more exercise at home, in the home office and at work in the supplied instructions. The simple exercises are suitable for people of all ages and can be done alone or with the family. And of course it is worthwhile to do the exercises regularly even after Corona. Your body will be grateful!